Glidewell Dental Features Exciting Interview With a Forensic Odontologist in New Edition of Chairside® Magazine

Dr. Mary Shields discusses how a BruxZir® crown helped her solve a missing person case.

V14I1 Chairside Magazine Cover

Glidewell Dental, an industry-leading provider of dental laboratory services, products, technologies, and clinical education, has released Vol. 14, Issue 1, of Chairside® magazine, featuring a cover story with general dentist and forensic odontologist, Dr. Mary Shields.

From collecting human bite-mark evidence to identifying remains after a natural disaster, Dr. Shields applies dental science to legal cases and investigations around the world. Glidewell Dental Vice President of Clinical Affairs Dr. Neil Park talks with Dr. Shields about one of her recent missing person cases and how a BruxZir® zirconia crown was the key to bringing closure to a hurting family.

In this fascinating interview, Dr. Shields, who is set to become one of fewer than 100 board-certified forensic odontologists in the world, shares some of the rewards and challenges of working with local law enforcement and global rescue agencies while also maintaining a thriving dental practice.

The new edition of Chairside also gives readers an in-depth look at an unprecedented 8-year study on BruxZir Solid Zirconia from the independent Gordon J Christensen Clinicians Report®. The landmark clinical study highlights the fact that BruxZir zirconia — the most prescribed brand of full-contour zirconia in North America — exhibited a 100 percent survival rate and zero terminal fractures after eight years.

The magazine also showcases the results of a two-year retrospective study, completed by Dr. Mayuri Kerr, Brett Allen, and Dr. Neil Park, investigating the success rate of the popular Hahn Tapered Implant System. Dr. Kerr and her team found that the Hahn implants in the study enjoyed a 99.2% success rate and mean bone loss that compares favorably with other major implant systems on the market.

For doctors looking to improve and expand their practice, the edition also includes seven practical tips for entering the field of sleep dentistry from Dr. John Tucker and an interview with Dr. John Geasland on how his patients have benefited since he added implant surgery to his practice.

Chairside magazine also comes in a digital format that offers readers exclusive content, including in-depth videos, clinical case photos, CE credits and more. It can be accessed anytime, anywhere, from a desktop, hand-held tablet or mobile device. Print editions of the quarterly magazine are distributed to dental offices nationwide.

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