Glidewell Dental Expands to South America With Opening of Glidewell Colombia

New Bogotá Lab Gives Colombian Dentists Access to Premier Restorative Materials

Glidewell Dental, industry-leading provider of dental laboratory products and services, announced today the opening of Glidewell Colombia, the company’s first dental laboratory in South America. Situated in Colombia’s capital city, Bogotá, the new lab grants South American dentists access to modern, clinically proven restorative materials at an affordable price point.

Glidewell Dental’s long-standing mission has been to reduce the cost-associated barriers that limit access to high-quality restorative dentistry. Over the company’s 46-year history, it has worked with more than 100,000 dentists and 7,000 dental laboratories in the United States. The knowledge gained through these relationships has given Glidewell Dental a unique perspective; insight the company’s 150-person-strong Research and Development department relies upon in the creation of new materials, technologies and techniques.

In 2011, the company expanded to the international marketplace with the founding of Glidewell Europe, GmbH, in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The European dental lab benefits from the decades-honed expertise of the U.S. lab while respecting the distinct industry parameters of clinicians in Germany. Glidewell Europe enables European dentists to prescribe the award-winning, clinically proven BruxZir® Solid Zirconia as well as a multitude of other computer-assured restorative materials.

Glidewell Colombia brings forth the same opportunities for dentists in South America. The Colombian lab represents Glidewell Dental’s second foray into the Latin American marketplace, joining facilities located in Costa Rica. Dentists there have been overwhelming receptive of the affordable, high-quality restorations provided. The lessons learned in Costa Rica have greatly supported the establishment of the Colombian laboratory. Glidewell Dental invites Colombian dentists to test the new lab’s services and products to experience the benefits firsthand.

​About Glidewell Dental

Glidewell Dental, based in Newport Beach, California, is an industry-leading provider of high-quality dental lab products and services to dental professionals in select markets around the world for a low cost. Established in January 1970 by Jim Glidewell, CDT, the company has a decades-long heritage of technological innovation. Glidewell Dental has been at the forefront of dental CAD/CAM development, promoting a forward-thinking strategy that includes materials advancement, technique improvement, and clinical education in an effort to bring comprehensive treatment to patients across the economic spectrum.

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