Glidewell Announces 2024 Guiding Leaders Cohort

Twenty-five women dentists were selected for the exclusive business and leadership development program.

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On April 5, 2024, a Glidewell selection committee completed an intensive review of nearly 100 applications for its premier Guiding Leaders program. The 25 candidates were selected from all over the U.S. for their potential to become key influencers in dentistry. 

The new 2024 cohort includes the following women dentists: Oreoluwa Adegun, Tejeshwini Bharati, Thomia Campbell, Holli Careswell, Miriam Carmean, Bianca Clark, Deanna Davis, Sheila Dobee, Maryam Ekhtiar-Kord, Simone Ellis, Niromi Fernando, Amanda Hoffmeister, Agata Konopka, Debbie Dong Eun Lee, Linda Oh, Ellen Paulisick-Wolf, Kelly Paxton, Laura Sharbash, Leora Sheily, Jaclyn Smrecek, Loray Spencer, Karly Sukut-Neppl, Lillian Wang, Tamaara Willis, and Tiffany Young. 

This marks the fourth year of the Guiding Leaders program at Glidewell, which has produced three cohorts of alumni to date — many of whom credit the program for professional advancements in the areas of practice expansion, speaking engagements, better office culture, enhanced workflows, increased profits and more. 

From May to October, these women dentists will be instructed on a variety of topics that will give them the tools to advance in the dental industry. Some of the courses include:

  • Developing and implementing an outward mindset
  • Becoming an effective presenter, speaker and leader 
  • Building a financially sound practice
  • Finding strength in negotiations 
  • Practice management
  • Improving case photography 
  • Creating an online presence

“Previously, women accounted for less than five percent of our industry. Now they comprise more than half of all graduating dentists,” said Stephenie Goddard, Glidewell CEO. “As a result, we designed a niche program tailored toward developing new leaders who are reflective of the current state of dentistry.”

Alumni are also still actively involved in the program, providing mentorship opportunities to current Guiding Leaders and presenting podium lectures at events like the Dentistry on the Rise Symposium at Glidewell this September. With an all-women panel, this symposium acknowledges the strength and ingenuity women leaders have to offer the industry. To learn more about this event, visit

“Having observed three cohorts successfully complete the program, I must say, it’s awe-inspiring what unfolds when you provide these incredible women with the tools and guidance they need,” said Bobbie Norton, director of strategic partner relations at Glidewell. “I hear numerous alumni say the Guiding Leaders program reignited their love for dentistry.”

To learn more about the Guiding Leaders program, visit

Source: Glidewell Laboratories