Glauconix Biosciences Expands Scientific Advisory Board for 3D Human Tissue Retina Vasculature Model With the Addition of Leading Expert Dr. Patricia D'Amore

Appointment reflects Glauconix Biosciences' expansion of their 3D Human Tissue model platform within the Ophthalmology space and brings their second commercial model closer to market

Glauconix Biosciences, Inc., a specialty pharmaceutical company that uses its patented platform technology to develop human 3D tissues to expedite and de-risk the R&D of therapeutic treatments, announced today the launch of their Scientific Advisory Board with the appointment of inaugural member Dr. Patricia D'Amore. Dr. D'Amore is Director of Research at Schepens Eye Research Institute, Director of the Howe Laboratory, the Associate Chief for Ophthalmology Basic and Translational Research in the Department of Ophthalmology and The Charles L Schepens Professor of Ophthalmology and Professor of Pathology at Harvard Medical School. D'Amore has served as co-chair of the Program in Development in Angiogenesis, Invasion & Metastasis at the Dana Farber/Harvard Cancer Center and is Co-Director of the AMD Center of Excellence at Harvard Medical School. She founded the Boston Angiogenesis Meeting, as a forum for presenting new findings and promoting collaboration in angiogenesis research. As an internationally recognized expert in vascular growth and development, D'Amore's investigations have led to a deeper understanding of the molecular basis of eye diseases and helped form the foundations of vascular targeting therapies. Her work uncovered important physiological roles of vascular growth factors and yielded crucial insight into the safe use of antiangiogenic therapies. She has received multiple recognitions for her scientific and academic contributions.

Kim Southern, CEO noted, "I look forward to the collaboration with Dr. D'Amore as we look to further the development and commercialization of our back of the eye model. Pat's guidance and expertise in this space will provide keen insight to validate development efforts thus far and move us toward commercialization of this model in 2021." 

"We are at an exciting point where we are expanding our platform technology beyond Glaucoma and the anterior segment and targeting diseases of the back of the eye and the retina," said Karen Torrejon, Founder & CSO of Glauconix. Dr. D'Amore's vast expertise in retinal vascular biology, physiology and translational research, makes her an ideal addition to Glauconix's scientific advisory board. I am thrilled to be working side by side with her as we get closer to the launch of Glauconix's retinal vascular model and continue to serve drug developers using our 3D tissue platform technologies."

Dr. D'Amore commented, "Utilizing new knowledge regarding the importance of heterotypic intercellular communication to the blood neural barrier, Glauconix Biosciences is set to establish a model that is sensitive, reproducible and mimics the key features of in vivo barrier function.  An in vitro model of the blood-neural-barrier, which has direct applicability in diabetic retinopathy and macular edema, will facilitate the identification, development and or screening of candidate therapeutics. This model will help accelerate the development of effective therapeutics. Working together with the Glauconix Biosciences' team, we are tackling complex concepts to create a platform that measures key endpoints for these ocular diseases."

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