Glasshouse Reveals: First-Time Homeowners Dangerously Overlook the Cost of Maintenance Associated With Ownership

Data Compiled by Glasshouse Uncovers Reality that Homeowners Overlook Maintenance When Assessing Home Ownership Costs, Resulting in Unnecessary and Unplanned Home Expenses.

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Glasshouse, the premiere proactive home maintenance service based in the San Francisco Bay Area, announces insightful data revealed in its newest whitepaper “What Does Home Maintenance Really Cost?” which reveals the need for new homeowners to educate themselves on the cost of maintenance when purchasing a home in order to avoid big ticket costs on unnecessary expenses.

“Experts recommend that you set aside anywhere from 1 to 4% of the home’s purchase price each year for maintenance. That’s a significant sum, and won’t be needed every year, but it prepares you to cover big-ticket items with little or no impact on your budget when the need arises,” says CEO and Founder, Shannon Bloemker.

"Experts recommend that you set aside anywhere from 1 to 4% of the home's purchase price each year for maintenance. That's a significant sum, and won't be needed every year, but it prepares you to cover big-ticket items with little or no impact on your budget when the need arises."

Shannon Bloemker, CEO and Founder

When you consider the cost of home maintenance, it’s important to remember that there is a cost associated with neglecting home maintenance as well. In the same way that you service your car, maintaining home systems helps keep them running efficiently much longer. For example, regularly replacing air filters can prolong the life of your heating and air system, while it also saves money every month because it is more energy-efficient. There are an array of checks and tasks that should be done regularly on the home. When you look at that annual cost for preventative maintenance, you should consider part of it as a trade-off for savings elsewhere. 

Key Findings from the white paper include:

  • Regular home maintenance means fewer surprises = savings!
  • Different features of your home have different expected lifespans, so as the property reaches each milestone, replacement costs can mount if not pre-budgeted.
  • For items like the replacement of the air conditioning system, furnace, or gutters, costs can vary widely depending on the climate and weather conditions. Know the factors that affect the region where you are purchasing.
  • A major consideration in determining cost of big ticket items like your roof is location. Different regions of the U.S. have different prices for materials and installation. For example, the average cost of a new roof varies as much as +18.09% in the Pacific vs. -16.18% in the West South Central.

For many of us, the hardest part about home maintenance is keeping track of the preventative maintenance that should be done and knowing how often to do it. Preventative maintenance happens before there is a problem and has the potential for big savings over time.

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Glasshouse is a professional home management service that offers proactive maintenance and care for homeowners. It gives homeowners a single point of contact for all home maintenance issues and allows you to manage it all on an app. Imagine finding out you have a problem with your toilet...before it leaks. With Glasshouse's quarterly, proactive maintenance plans, those types of issues can be prevented.

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