Glass House Farms Launches Grower's Choice: A Limited Edition Line of Ultra-High-Quality, Sungrown, Cannabis Flower Available at a Shareable Price Point

Glass House Farms Also Announces 'Meet the Growers' Instagram Contest, Giving Three Lucky Cannabis Connoisseurs and Their Plus Ones the Chance to Win a Tour of the Largest U.S. Cannabis Greenhouse Grow, Up to $600 Travel Reimbursement, Along With Other Perks

 Glass House Farms, the cultivation and flower brand of Glass House Group, one of the fastest-growing, privately held, vertically integrated cannabis and hemp companies in the U.S., announced the launch of Grower’s Choice, a new, limited edition line of ultra-high-quality, greenhouse cannabis flower available at a shareable price point when compared to similar indoor-grown cannabis products.  

“Grower’s Choice fuses science and nature with the art of cannabis cultivation, technology, genetics and fortunate weather conditions to produce the finest flower powered under the California sun,” said Glass House Group President and Chief Cannabis Officer Graham Farrar. “These limited batches of our greenhouse-grown flower are not only best-in-class, but also embody our belief about what top-tier cannabis is. We’re proud to share Grower’s Choice with our family, our friends, and now you, our customers. We will continue to unveil additional Grower’s Choice editions only when our technical skills and nature’s gifts come together to produce flower that ticks every box, just like we believe that these batches do.”

Grower’s Choice first edition includes three unique batches, hand-selected by Glass House Farms’ top cultivators for being the best in their category, and include:

MAC 1: MAC 1 is a true masterpiece of breeding from its famed, Colorado-based creator Capulator. This batch, which was hand-selected by Glass House Farms’ cultivation team for meeting our highest standard of quality, has been perfectly grown and meticulously cured to showcase its lucid and euphoric mind-shift, tart flavors, and just-completely-delightful effects. MAC 1 has become a modern cannabis legend, and this batch shows exactly why.

Purple Gelato: Purple Gelato is a sometimes-purple, purple-tasting phenotype of the modern blockbuster Gelato, which forms the genetic backbone of the "ice-cream" named strains that are so beloved. This particular batch, hand-selected by Glass House Farms’ cultivation team for meeting its highest standard of quality, has thrived on the sunlight and warm air of summer, producing flower that offers a rich, creamy berry and grape flavor, and comfortable, relaxing, yet not sleepy, effects.​

Runtz: Since it was created in Los Angeles, Runtz has gotten huge hype for its incredible fruit-candy terp profile and its two terp-rockstar parents: Zkittlez and Gelato. Though Runtz can be difficult to grow, this particular batch, hand-selected by Glass House Farms’ cultivation team for meeting its highest standard of quality, has gotten what it needed and has rewarded the team with truly remarkable cannabis. Its flavor is so strong and sweet, its smoke so flavorful and full, its euphoric effects so pronounced and clear, Glass House Farms would love to keep Runtz all for itself, but the company is even happier to share it with consumers.

The first edition of Grower’s Choice is now available to cannabis consumers in eighth-ounce glass jars for $35 MSRP at Glass House Group retail locations, including The Pottery in Los Angeles; Bud and Bloom in Santa Ana; Farmacy Santa Barbara; and Farmacy Berkeley. Glass House Farms will expand its Grower’s Choice offering to Cookies Los Angeles in Maywood, Cookies Melrose in Los Angeles and Dr. Greenthumb’s Los Angeles on Thursday, October 22, 2020. 

In addition to the launch of its new flower line, Glass House Farms (CA LIC.# CCL18-000512) announced the “Meet the Growers Contest” on Instagram, which invites cannabis fans to enter for a chance to win a day trip for two to the largest greenhouse grow in the U.S. To enter, consumers will need to follow the Glass House Farms Instagram and then tag two friends within the post. Three lucky winners, who are 21 years or older and live in the state of California, will be eligible to win:

  • A day trip for two to Glass House Farms in Santa Barbara; 
  • Up to $600 in travel reimbursement;
  • A personal tour of the grow given by  Glass House Group President and Chief Cannabis Officer Graham Farrar and Glass House Farms Grower Michael Gahagan;
  • A visit to “Best Dispensary in Santa Barbara” winner: The Farmacy Santa Barbara; 
  • A selection of products from the Farmacy Santa Barbara at a 99% discount; and
  • ​A tasty lunch for two at the farm complimentary of The Food Liaison.

The “Meet the Growers Contest” will run from Friday, Oct. 16, at 12 p.m. PT to Friday, Oct. 23, at 12 p.m. PT. The winners will be chosen at random and announced on the Glass House Farms Instagram at 12 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 26, 2020. 

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