GL Enhances MAP Protocol Emulator With Location Services


GL Communications Inc., announced today its enhanced Mobile Application Part (MAP) Protocol Emulator that now supports LoCation Services (LCS) as per 3GPP TS 23.271 specifications.

Speaking to the press, Mr. Karthik Ramalingam, a Senior Manager for product development of the company said, “Accurate location services is playing a vital role in many public operations such as emergency services, vehicle tracking, stolen assets tracking, advertising, and social networking. Location based services provide information about the geographic location of Mobile Equipment (ME), which rely upon LoCation Service (LCS). “

He added, “MAP network now includes LoCation Services (LCS) specific elements and entities, their functionalities, interfaces, as well as communication messages, necessary to implement the positioning functionality in a cellular network. LCS architecture follows a client/server model with the Gateway Mobile Location Centre (GMLC) acting as the server providing information to External LCS Clients.”

Mr.Ramalingam further explained, “GL’s MAPS™ MAP IP signaling emulator is enhanced to simulate LCS procedures over Lg and Lh interfaces using MAP signaling protocol.  Supported LCS procedures include Provide Subscriber Location, Subscriber Location Report, and Routing Info for LCS respectively, as per 3GPP TS 23.271 specifications.

The Lg and Lh interfaces enable LCS in the GPRS/UMTS to provide support for specialized mobile location services for operators, subscribers, and third-party service providers.

MS initiated Location Report Procedure is supported over Lg Interface between GMLC and MSC and Network Initiated Location Retrieval Procedure over Lh Interface between GMLC and HLR.

The Lg interface implements the following Mobile Application Services:MAP-Provide-Subscriber-Location and MAP-Subscriber-Location-Report.

The Lh interface implements the following Mobile Application Services: MAP-SEND-ROUTING-INFO-FOR-LCS, used to retrieve the routing information.”

He further added, “Other primary facilities provided by GL’s  MAP emulator are “Mobility Services”, "Operation and Maintenance", "Call Routing and Roaming", "Subscription Information", "Short Message Service", “Packet Data Protocol (PDP) services for GPRS”, “Supplementary Services” and many more.” 

Important Features

•MAP protocol simulation over TDM (E1/T1) and IP 
•Emulator can be configured as MSC (VLR), HLR, GMSC, EIR, AuC, SMSC, SGSN, GGSN, and GMLC entities and emulate the respective interfaces 
•User-friendly GUI for configuring the MAP signaling links 
•Access to all MTP3, SCCP, and MAP R4 protocol fields such as TMSI, IMSI, MCC, MNC, MSIN, CCBS and more 
•Supports MAP MTP3 layer (over TDM) and M3UA, M2UA, M2PA layers (over IP) messages
•Supports Application context versions 2 and 3
•Ready scripts for monitoring other end, set reporting state for the requested service, report an event or call outcome, report remote subscriber status procedures 
•Logging of all messages in real-time 
•Provides protocol trace with full message decoding of the GSM/UMTS messages
•Automation, Remote access, and Schedulers to run tests 24/7

About GL Communications Inc.,

GL Communications Inc, is a global provider of test and measurement solutions and has over the years worked with major telecom equipment vendors, service providers, and system integrators to meet the testing requirements arising at various stages of telecom products development life cycle.

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GL core product development is backed by a strong team of R&D experts to match evolving market and technical challenges in a most cost-effective and innovative way.

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