Orange County Ritecare® Childhood Language Center Named CSHA 2016 Program of the Year

Giving the Gift of Speech, One Voice at a Time

Receiving the CSHA Award honoring the Orange County RiteCare® Childhood Language Center as the 2016 CSHA Program of the Year are: Jim Andronaco, CLC Board Member, Dr. Judy K. Montgomery, Director of the Orange County RiteCare® Childhood Language Center, Frankie Rosario, President and Board Chairman, and Raymond Godeke, Executive Vice President / Secretary of the California Scottish Rite Foundation.

​​​The Orange County RiteCare® Childhood Language Center has been honored with the “Program of the Year Award for 2016” by the California Speech Hearing Association (CSHA). The award recognizes the significant and positive impact that the Childhood Language Center has had on the lives of hundreds of children from 2 to 16 years of age who receive free diagnostic and therapeutic services to overcome a wide range of speech, language and learning challenges. The Childhood Language Center, located in the Historic District of Santa Ana, is the local operating unit of the California Scottish Rite Foundation, a 501(c)3 corporation.

CSHA is a statewide professional organization whose mission is to foster excellence in the professions of speech-language pathology and audiology through education, advocacy and collaboration in partnership with the increasingly diverse population served in communities across California.

Executive Director Judy Montgomery, PhD. CCC-SLP, and a dedicated staff of licensed speech language pathologists and speech language pathology graduate students from Chapman University, assess the needs of children with speech and language disorders and provide necessary treatment. Children come to the RiteCare® Center to receive life-improving therapy to help them improve articulation and speak clearly, to increase comprehension of words being said to them and to overcome literacy issues including dyslexia. There is never a charge to families for the treatment that a child receives thanks to the support of Scottish Rite Masons and generous donors.

Dr. Montgomery, who also serves as a Professor and Department Chair of the Communication Sciences and Disorders Program at Chapman University, believes that, “The parents, professionals and the CLC Board are all  very proud of being named the CSHA 2016 Program of the Year and our Team believes that it represents what we do, not only in Orange County, but at all 14 of the RiteCare® Childhood Language Centers California.”

Frankie Rosario, President and Chairman of the Orange County RiteCare® Childhood Language Center, explains, “This prestigious award recognizes our Language Center’s success which is directly attributable to the financial support of our donors, the efforts made by everyone involved and the quality of our program under the direction of Director, Dr. Judy Montgomery. Everyone’s contributions and innovative ideas have lifted our CLC to a well-deserved spot among the stars.”

For information on services provided at the Orange County RiteCare® Childhood Language Center visit or phone (714)  972-2646.

Contact: Raymond D. Godeke - Executive Vice President /  Secretary
Phone: 714-547-7325

Source: California Scottish Rite Foundation

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