Giving Back to Veterans Through Baths for the Brave

Vinny Nardo, Reborn Cabinets founder and U.S. Navy veteran (1953-1957), wanted to find a meaningful way to thank veterans for serving our country. The opportunity came with Baths for the Brave.

In 2016, Baths for the Brave, created by Brian Gottlieb, CEO of Tundraland Home Improvements, and his team, was developed with the idea to provide veterans with a new shower system that would be easier to access and help in the veteran's everyday life. Today, the program has grown with partners across the nation who collect nominations throughout the year and select veterans with this no-cost gift.

This year, Reborn celebrated two veterans by arriving early morning and installing their brand-new shower by day's end. While this was happening, the Reborn team celebrated, which included a bar-be-que with invited guests and neighbors to honor these veterans.

David Custodio (U.S. Marines, retired), who followed in his father's footsteps to serve his country, had his home "crashed" on November 4. David is happy just knowing the new sturdy shower will have a seat he won't worry about falling off. He's especially excited for the safety grab bars. While ready for friends and family to come throughout the day, Custodio was in for a surprise when city representatives and Reborn partners arrived. All kept him busy and distracted as his new shower was being installed.

Edward Denzin's (U.S. Marines, retired) home was "crashed" on November 11. Living with stage 4 cancer, Mr. Denzin called Reborn three days before the crash to share, while in some pain from a recent treatment, he knew he wouldn't be hurting on Thursday because he was having a party. And a party it was. An active Chino Hills community member for many years, friends, family, local veterans, past Baths for the Brave recipients, and students from Service Anaheim Training program  -- where Denzin trains dogs for disabled veterans -- arrived to celebrate. Denzin's smile and continuous shake of his head while saying "this feels like a dream" had everyone smiling.

"Being involved in this program is one way we can thank service men and women who protect our nation's freedom," says Anthony Nardo, CFO of Reborn Cabinets. "When our dad, Vinny, asked us to find a program to give back to veterans, we didn't realize what a significant impact providing a new shower system would make. Everyday things that someone is struggling with and we tend to take for granted, are what we need to be reminded of," says Vince Nardo, CEO of Reborn Cabinets.

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