Giovanni Haughton to Publish First Book in Late October

Giovanni Haughton is releasing his debut work, "An Ideological Critique of Images Evoking GMO's", in late October 2015 in an effort to spur real reaction to the effects of genetically modified organisms.

Giovanni Haughton, a California-based student and mentor, is publishing his first non-fiction work, “An Ideological Critique of Images Evoking GMO’s”, in late October 2015 from Project Forever Press. 

Giovanni Haughton’s debut work is based on research he conducted during his studies at Loylola Maymount University in Los Angeles. Originally from The Bay Area, Giovanni Haughton spent his early years at Junippero Serra High School and Foothill College of Los Altos mentoring fellow students who were struggling with English and science. Through one of these mentoring relationships Giovanni first came across images of what GMO’s, or Genetically Modified Hormones, do to living animals. While many ethical debates have been considered regarding eating such food, what about the visual impact of what it does to living animals injected with GMO’s?” 

“I found it interesting that people reacted completely differently to GMO’s once they witnessed what it did in a living animal, not just a plant. This is what my work explores,” says Giovanni Haughton

The book, “An Ideological Critique of Images Evoking GMO’s”, will be available in late October on and Amazon. For more updates, follow Giovanni Haughton at