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Our home is the most important asset that many of us have.  It is also generally the most expensive asset to own for many families. Families who are facing foreclosure and the threat of losing their home deal with a lot of stress. As a Tampa Foreclosure Defense Lawyer, Gina Rosato Law Firm analyzes client’s financial situation and addresses options available. One option is to defend the underlying foreclosure. In 2014 in almost 2,000 homes were foreclosed on in Hillsborough County. The reality is that many household family incomes have fallen significantly making it difficult to pay their mortgages. Lenders will begin foreclosure when they send out an acceleration letter to the borrowers asking for the full amount of the loan to be paid. This is obviously impossible to pay the full balance of the loan for most any borrowers. Next, the lawsuit begins with the initiation of a Lis Pendens and Foreclosure Complaint which is filed in the County where the homeowners reside. Tampa foreclosure cases allow the owner who is served with the Complaint only 20 days to respond. Foreclosure defense can be used as an effective tool while the homeowner decides on a more permanent solution. Inevitably most homes are eventually foreclosed on. Some clients wish to only stall the foreclosure process while they look for a new place to live. In some situations the lender will agree to a loan modification of the loan. Gina Rosato will look at all options when evaluating a case including potentially filing bankruptcy to avoid the collectable Judgement in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.  Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can also be used to create a more affordable repayment plan for the borrower. Foreclosure defense is a good tool for borrowers to delay the foreclosure process, however, it is important to consult with an attorney to discuss all of your viable options. Gina Rosato Law Firm is located in Tampa, FL and serves clients in this area.

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