Gill McFinn's™ is Changing Sporting Apparel in Fun and Creative Ways

North Carolina-based company Gill McFinn’s™ is changing what sporting apparel can be. Their brands of fishing apparel and hunting clothing are centered on fictional explorers and researchers, Gill McFinn and his crew. Their brand is borderline cartoonish, corny, silly, but most importantly, they are inventive and smart, which is exactly what sporting apparel needs.

Sporting apparel is over-saturated with classic realism and action. Outdoorsy people are attracted to that stuff because it seems cool and depicts their hobbies, but they’re getting dull. However, what Gill McFinn’s is doing changes things in the most necessary ways by making stories of legendary and mythical creatures. Every fable in their Fish Tales™ line complements an awesome graphic of a fake fish. If the designs don’t immediately hook you in, then the stories will.

They continue their awesome fishing apparel with their Lures of Legend™ brand. These designs have strange, stylized graphics that show cool legendary lures that only the greatest fictional fishermen have ever used. It is an idea that is so fantastical that it has to work. Every story about each mythical lure is believable enough to be in the same universe. Gill McFinn’s has created great works of fiction within a clothing company.

Their Mammals of Myth™ brand brings together hunting and exploration with awesome-looking creatures that will make anyone wish they were real! The graphics take inspiration from real animals and twist them into something completely unique, and they go so far as to tell you the tale and legends of the beasts. Perfect for hunters who are tired of the boring and over-used deer or bear images.

Even for those fishermen more closely related to reality, they have a new brand called Reel Fish in which they display popular game fish in an antique print style. Easily popular with any angler looking to show off their favorite fish or best catches, their Reel Fish brand even showcases lesser-known and endangered species, as well. The style is simple, too — a much-needed change from the flashy, action graphics that are tiresome on most sporting apparel.

About Gill McFinn’s:

Gill McFinn’s has successfully turned classic sporting apparel into an art form; creating a believable world where mythical creatures and fictional explorers make the real world drab and expressionless. They built their facilities in Ramseur, North Carolina, where over the last ten years they have brought approximately 200 jobs to the area. Their goal is to create new and exciting sporting apparel for all outdoorsy types, and they have succeeded. Learn more about Gill McFinn and the crew!

Contact Information:

Address: 637 Patterson Grove Road, Ramseur, NC 27316
​Phone: 800-283-9490
​Fax: 718-832-1994


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Gill McFinn's is a fishing clothing brand dedicated to adventure and discovery. As a fishing apparel brand we hope that our discoveries and knowledge of these legendary fish will spread for all to appreciate what this incredible planet has to offer!

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