Gigster Assembles Industry Experts for NFT Livestream

On March 3, Gigster will host an all-day livestream with experts in the blockchain and Web3 space discussing how to leverage NFTs as a large brand.

LIVESTREAM: How to leverage NFTs as a Large Brand

Gigster, the leading service integrator for blockchain-related technologies, will host an all-day livestream on March 3 to cover the new opportunities NFTs are creating for brands to engage with customers. The event will run from 10 am-3 pm EST and include six presentations from blockchain industry experts. The NFT livestream will allow the growing NFT community to benefit from Gigster by providing insights on how the Web3 movement is fundamentally changing the fabric of the internet.

"Those of us that have been in the NFT space since the beginning are really starting to see the opportunities for larger, established brands to have a major impact in the space," said Gigster's Head of Blockchain, Cory Hymel. "I'm excited for attendees to see the lineup we've put together for the event."

Cory will serve as the keynote speaker and host for the NFT livestream. He will be joined by industry experts such as Sean Dudley, VP of Product at Animoca Brands, who will discuss why brands should be interested in adopting Web3. Richard Walker, Strategy Principal, Blockchain at Deloitte, will provide guidance on the growing pains organizations should expect with Web3. A case study on one of the most successful NFT projects of all time, NBA TopShot, will be presented by Mickey Maher, SVP of Partnerships at Dapper Labs. Monika Kochhar, Co-Founder of Toffy, will present on the future utilities of NFTs. Tatum's CTO and Co-Founder, Samuel Sramko, will discuss the technology behind NFT marketplaces.

Gigster partners with many of the companies participating in the livestream to offer integrated services for the blockchain industry. Gigster's network of developers, designers, and project managers, combined with their proven delivery methodology and fully managed services, helps develop blockchain and NFT solutions at startup speed.

Registration is still open for the NFT livestream on March 3, 2022, at 10 am EST. Attendees can visit the NFT Livestream Event Page to learn more about the speakers and presentations and sign up for the event.

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