Gig Harbor Realtor Lindsay Jackman Says City's 69% Population Increase is Good News for Sellers

Despite Rising Interest Rates, City's Growth Creates Seller's Market

Gig Harbor Realtor Lindsay Jackman

Gig Harbor's population has grown by 69% in the past decade, the second highest growth rate for a Washington city, and far above the state-wide growth rate of 14.6%. According to Gig Harbor real estate company the Lindsay Jackman Group, this growth is good news for those thinking of selling their homes in the area.

While increasing interest rates nation- and state-wide are discouraging borrowing and slowing demand for houses, Gig Harbor's growth in population has set the city apart as a prime seller's market. Though growth is expected to slow over the next few years, the population will continue to expand, presenting new opportunities for those who want to sell their homes. 

Gig Harbor real estate agent of eight years Lindsay Jackman notes that the Gig Harbor housing market is in a unique position compared with most other Washington cities. "If you've been considering putting your home on the market, there are many perks for you right now that put you in a good position as a seller," says Jackman, a lifelong Gig Harbor resident and proprietor of the Lindsay Jackman Group. 

"Interest rates are still historically low, and even with slight increases over the next year, they will still be very low," Jackman further notes. "Gig Harbor is still growing much faster than most other cities in Washington, so now is actually an ideal time to sell your home here if that's what you are interested in doing."

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