Gifted Children: Joy or Challenge?

The HomeScholar's new ebook shows homeschool parents how to rise to the challenge of teaching their gifted children.

When her first child was born, popular homeschool author Lee Binz listened to her midwife's parenting advice: "Know your child and trust yourself." That advice continued to be true throughout Binz's child-rearing days, even when she was faced with the challenges of raising gifted children. In her new ebook, Gifted Education Strategies for Every Child: Homeschool Secrets for Success (available on Amazon for just $2.99), Binz shows homeschool parents how to rise to the challenge of teaching their gifted children.

Part of Binz's Coffee Break Books series, written especially for parents who want detailed homeschool information in a short book, "Gifted Education Strategies for Every Child" shows parents that they have what it takes to teach their gifted children because they are the love giver, and not just a care giver. One homeschool parent who read "Gifted Education" said, "This book does exactly what it's supposed to do—provide a great overview for homeschooling the gifted child. It provides strategies and resources…a great starting point for a clueless mom!" Homeschool parent Cindy D. agrees: "Whether your child is gifted or not, this book offers sound general tips for an overall balanced pace and approach to home schooling."

Lee Binz is The HomeScholar. Her mission is "helping parents homeschool high school." Her help with transcripts and course descriptions prepares homeschoolers for success in college admission and scholarships. She offers free individual consultations, and her online Gold Care Club is the world's most convenient high school support group. Her dynamic presentations leave parents feeling confident and capable. She can be found online at The HomeScholar.

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