GHGSat Launches New Emissions Data Subscription Service to Tackle Climate Change

GHGSat, the leader in high-resolution greenhouse gas monitoring, today announces a new service offering visibility of emissions data in SPECTRA, its industry-leading emissions intelligence platform. Subscribers to SPECTRA Premium can now access all methane emissions data across regions and countries, over a six-month period. The new service provides energy producers and operators with crucial information in order to drive decisive and impactful action on methane emissions.

Twelve months after the launch of the Global Methane Pledge, the focus is now on turning promises into action. Transparent monitoring, emissions data access and reporting of industrial greenhouse gases like methane are critical first steps in setting effective mitigation policies and strategies. With six high-resolution methane-dedicated satellites currently in orbit and growing the constellation to 10 commercial satellites by the end of 2023, GHGSat is the standard for space-based industrial emissions monitoring and still the only organisation able to measure methane down to the facility level, from space.

SPECTRA Premium provides information on industrial emissions sources across the globe, covering sectors including oil & gas production, coal mining, agriculture, power generation and waste management. By seamlessly integrating measurements from third-party satellites with those from GHGSat's own constellation, customers can see emissions within large, pre-determined zones such as major oil and gas basins and active coal mining territories. This will help organisations benchmark their performance against that of their peers in the same area.

SPECTRA Premium subscribers can view emission events near their sites by overlaying their facility's coordinates and enhance their LDAR programmes with additional analytics such as a flaring data layer, aerial surveying data from GHGSat's aircraft service or dedicated, frequent satellite monitoring campaigns of their infrastructures.

Announcing SPECTRA Premium at COP27, Stephane Germain, CEO at GHGSat, said, "Following the promises of COP26 and the Global Methane Pledge, the focus now turns to action on methane emissions. Our commitment to this challenge is to make satellite-based emissions data accessible for industry to act. SPECTRA Premium is specifically designed to answer the needs of our customers by providing critical emissions intelligence and context to take effective, measurable action."

SPECTRA Premium builds on SPECTRA's free-to-use subscription, GHGSat's methane concentration map access, unveiled earlier this week, which provides a glimpse into GHGSat's unique data and leading emissions analytics capabilities. 

Source: GHGSat

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GHGSat is the global leader in high-resolution remote-sensing of greenhouse gas from space – an approach it pioneered – and provides unique emissions data and intelligence to businesses, governments, regulators, and investors worldwide, to optimize their performance and uphold environmental standards.

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