GHGSat Enters Data-Licensing Agreement With S&P Global Commodity Insights Aiming to Integrate High-Resolution Emissions Data for Oil & Gas Industry

GHGSat, the pioneer in high-resolution greenhouse gas emissions monitoring from space, announces its latest data-licensing agreement, to share its data with S&P Global Commodity Insights, which provides the world's leading organizations with the essential intelligence they need to unlock opportunities, solve challenges and accelerate progress.

GHGSat generates accurate, reliable and comprehensive facility-level emissions data that is essential for both ongoing operational performance management and emissions reporting for industries such as the oil & gas sector. With six satellites already in orbit, the company is growing its constellation to 12 sensors by the end of 2023, launching five more commercial high-resolution satellites dedicated to methane monitoring, and the first commercial spacecraft dedicated to measuring CO2 from industrial emitters worldwide.

Stephane Germain, CEO, GHGSat said: "GHGSat's unique facility-level methane emissions data will bring a fresh perspective to S&P Global Commodity Insights' industry-leading breadth of experience. This is a great opportunity for GHGSat and our oil & gas customers, and we're eager to see the insights and reporting that is generated as a result of this data collaboration." 

The collaboration between GHGSat and S&P will allow commodity stakeholders and market players to make informed decisions and achieve their emission reduction goals. This is the first step of a larger partnership with a focus on deepening the understanding of methane emissions.

Over the years, GHGSat has shown there is demand from industry and the public sector for accurate, independent, high-resolution emissions data from space, changing the conversation around methane and putting greenhouse gas at the top of the climate agenda.

Source: GHGSat

About GHGSat

GHGSat is the global leader in high-resolution remote-sensing of greenhouse gas from space – an approach it pioneered – and provides unique emissions data and intelligence to businesses, governments, regulators, and investors worldwide, to optimize their performance and uphold environmental standards.

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