Getting Trampled by the Bulls: Cheaper Than a US Hip Replacement

Only 10% of hospitals in the U.S will give you a complete price for a hip replacement before you get one.

After some research on hip replacement surgery prices in the U.S, I came to the realization that getting trampled by the bulls in Spain is a cheaper alternative than getting a hip replacement in the US.

Ok, here is how I figured it out: (Some math ahead! You have been warned.)

Cost of hip replacement in the US = unknown.

What do you mean "unknown?" Won't hospitals give you a cost?

Hard to believe…but true. Only 10% of hospitals in the U.S will give you a complete price for a hip replacement before you get one. The rest reserve the right to tack on extras like $200 painkillers. (I've heard that smiling is not included in the price, but I can't confirm this.) Independent studies show that hip replacement prices can range from $30,000 to $125,000, depending on the location, the color scheme of the hospital, and the perceived thickness of your wallet. Ok, let's say that the average is about $60,000 US.

Cost of hip replacement in Spain = $8,000 (I rounded up from an actual price of $7,300.)

Cost of round-trip flight from New York City to Madrid = $1,350.

Now, despite what you may think, the running of the bulls doesn't happen in Madrid. It happens in Pamplona. So, you have to add the cost of a flight from Madrid to Pamplona in July when the running of the bulls takes place. (And yes, I used July, 2014 to get the ticket prices. That's how nerdy I am.)

Cost of round trip flight from Madrid to Pamplona = $400

Cost of 8 nights (for the full Festival of Sanfermines experience) in the best suite in Pamplona's best 5-star hotel (including the most expensive breakfast) = $23,000

So, I can fly to Madrid, have a hip replacement, fly to Pamplona, stay 8 nights in the best room in the best hotel, eat like a king, run with the bulls, get trampled, fly back to Madrid, have another hip replacement to replace my broken hip replacement, and fly back to the States for $41,000 US.

And that would still be cheaper than the $60,000 price I'd have to pay at home for one hip replacement.

Or, I could just fly to Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia or any one of 50 really cool vacation destinations with great healthcare and get my hip replacement surgery, physical therapy and a couple weeks of enjoyable relaxing vacation time for a fraction of the price for the same hip replacement surgery at home.

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