GetPayroll Releases Free Checkup Tool for Small Businesses to Optimize Payroll in the Post-COVID Era

GetPayroll - Payroll Checkup

 In the post-COVID environment businesses are adjusting to the ever-evolving and "new normal" as they implement new processes and policies. From managing remote worksites and tracking work-from-home employee hours to virtually onboarding employees and complying with new regulations or documentation requests to qualify for government loans and grants, many small business owners are stretched, challenged, and at times, confused.

As a result, GetPayroll has released an 11-question online tool to provide business owners with a fast, free health check at The results report provides custom recommendations on how a business may improve its payroll, HR, and timekeeping processes or systems.

GetPayroll has been at the forefront of leading these changes for small business owners to ensure they are legally compliant and also efficient in their processes. GetPayroll offers a fully integrated employee onboarding, tracking, and payroll system that allows businesses to optimize their process for the post-COVID era.

"Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have tirelessly worked with our clients to implement solutions such as web timeclocks and cloud-based onboarding systems so that they can continue to operate in this new environment. Our robust payroll system was able to generate multiple reports required by the government for the PPP loans, which helped our clients remain afloat," notes Charles Read, CEO of GetPayroll.

"We want to ensure that all small businesses are equipped for the Post-COVID era and decided to share our learning via the payroll checkup tool," adds Read.

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Source: GetPayroll