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The Getbunny online store offers multiple solar accessories as well, which are usually required for different outdoor activities.

Over the recent years, LED lighting solutions and solar power have earned immense popularity. This is mainly due to the low cost at which these are available. Since conventional lights are quite expensive, it often becomes quite difficult for common people to buy them. As an alternative, they can opt for LED driving lights and LED lighting solutions. It is quite easy to install LED lights and solar panels and these don't require much repair or replacement. Keeping the increased popularity of these types of lighting solutions in mind, Getbunny offers a wide range of portable solar panels, along with many other products for the benefit of its customers. Whether one is looking for an LED light bar, an inverter generator or a portable charger, Getbunny has all these and more in its extensive stock.

To the delight of all their customers, Getbunny is offering up to 50% discount on all its products. One can avail a 100W flexible solar panel at a price of $340.00, which is originally priced at $599.00. Solar blankets, folding solar panels, flat panels, solar accessories and flexible solar panels are some of the products that one can get at reduced prices. By offering high quality products at the lowest possible rates, Getbunny has attracted significant attention from its existing and potential customers. The company also delivers the products to the doorsteps of its customers, and that too within the least possible time.

The company started with an objective of becoming one of the most popular shopping sites of Australia, and it has been successful in its mission. Those looking for solar panels, Melbourne must explore this site to find the right products at discounted rates. Though there are many retailers in Melbourne, Getbunny has emerged as the first choice among most of the local residents.  Getbunny also offers caravan equipments, boating equipments, inverters and metal detectors that are required for different outdoor activities and one can get all these at up to 50% lower rates. 


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