Getaway School Announces to Offer Innovative Learning Sessions for the Students

Getaway School is highly recognized school I Chennai which offers comprehensive education through development approach.

Getaway School has taken its best steps to offer innovative learning sessions to students. They are planning to have all the breakthrough tools which will enhance the student learning and give an edge to them. The infrastructure of the international schools Chennai is designed to give all the facilities to students which will help the students to get best facilities where they can study, learn and perform other activities. The school is segregated as kindergarten, primary school from I to V, middle school from grade 6 to 8 and high school. Thus, each category is taken very seriously to expand their knowledge, skills and understanding for students to experience a better and systematic education system.

The senior spokesperson from the school authorities said, "Our well qualified and experienced teachers make the classroom sessions very interactive and help kids to learn from examples. The classes are air-conditioned, well furnished, have lab and library resources, technological stuff and well equipped classrooms which will allow the students to learn properly and explore the best. They experience a lot by themselves which gives them good reasoning and problem solving skills. The Cambridge syllabus Chennai is designed for all the school levels from kindergarten to senior level in such a way, that students get all the required education in a proper manner. There are subjects like geography, science, civics, mathematics, etc. Proper tests are held from time to time and students get to experience in the labs as well. They get theoretical and practical knowledge which makes learning enjoyable and productive."

The senior spokesperson also threw light on the discipline of the school and other activities. He said, "We allow children to explore and learn but also take strict disciplinary actions so they do not get misguided in any way. Apart from focusing on education, there are extracurricular activities which will help the students to find their hobbies and excel in them as well. We allow students to learn dance, Robotics Chess, art and craft, instrumental music, swimming, Yoga, Karate, etc. We celebrate festivals and allow children to come up with their talent and showcase it in a refined way so their talent is nurtured. We also allow them to participate in inter school competitions and make sure they not only have good education about the subjects they study but are also aware about the world and have knowledge on sports, politics, etc."

This is one of the best international school in India that has all the attributes to help your student excel in their field and build their dream career. The students are trained to fight the real race of the life and get correct guidance which will help them to secure a better position in the society.

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