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Ethnotrip is the Leading Supplier of Ethnobotanicals on the Internet. Ethnotrip is absolutely committed to providing consistent quality on all of their products at prices way below wholesale pricing.

Ethnotrip is absolutely committed to providing consistent quality on all of their products. You won't find "seasonal favorites" or "dry months" on their site. At Ethnotrip, all of their herbal supplements are in season every day, all year. From January to December, your complete satisfaction is always guaranteed. Their customer service is waiting to answer your questions and help you achieve the experience you have been stoked for!
They love making their loyal customers feel good - it's that simple. They've been doing it for so many years now and in that time they're proud to say - "We haven't changed a thing". They're also proud to brag about the quality of products they offer:

At Ethnotrip, they offer way below wholesale pricing. Because they're the direct importer of their goods - you can save up to 50% on ALL orders. Blow off the middle man - you don't need him with Ethnotrip.

They offer fresh and powerful salvia products. Their Salvia Leaves and Extracts come from the fertile Mountains of Oaxaca Mexico. There is no other way to ensure the highest quality product than going right to the original source. They also offer High Grade, Potent Extracts. They ship only lab-quality extracts. You couldn't get a better product if you knew how to make it yourself.

Here are other important features Ethnotrip offers. They guarantee Lightning-Quick Shipping. Your order is shipped no more than 24 hours after you place it - period. They also have an ultra-discreet ordering and packaging. You will not see Ethnotrip on your package, or credit card slip. From click to ship - you keep your privacy. Ethnotrip also offers a completely safe shopping experience. Their site operates on an encrypted, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Developed by Netscape for the express purpose of transmitting documents over the Internet safely, and undetected. Plus - they purge all files no more than 30 days from the order date.
For questions,comments and Concerns, they're more than happy to help! Drop them a line at Visit them at for more info about their products and to order.


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