Get Your Discounts: A Deal-Based Electronics Platform for Saving Consumers Time and Money

Get Your Discounts, a new, full-service electronics-based Amazon-affiliate website that aims to provide consumers not only with access to the best electronics deals today, but also invaluable information regarding product recommendations and related news, this week officially went live for all consumers intent on saving money when purchasing new electronics this year.

Borne from a passion for making electronics shopping easier and more accessible to the everyday shopper, Get Your Discounts updates daily with new blog posts and accompanying discounted Amazon posts that direct consumers directly to the product deal.

“No one has the time to sift through Amazon’s product listings and peruse electronics industry news today,” said Elsie Howard, Founder and Owner of Get Your Discounts. “With our site, we take care of the time-consuming and frustrating reading for our visitors. As a result, when they visit our site, they’re being met with the latest Amazon discounts in one singular location.”

Upon visiting the platform, readers will be met with the latest site blogs, including AirsspuTM Bluetooth Smart Watch, The Nikon D3300, Tips and Tricks for Xbox 360, and the list goes on. To accompany the blogs, on the right-hand side of the website, there are Amazon product listings that have a discounted value on Amazon Prime. Products featured right now include Fire Tablets with Alex 7” Display, Practical Electronics for Inventors, Fourth Edition books, and the list goes on.

“This is a one-stop-electronics-shop for all the consumers tired of scouring the Internet far and wide to find the product deals and discounts they desire,” said Howard. “Spread the word on our official opening, and head on over today to check out our expansion affiliate selection.”

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