Get updated with upcoming South Africa sport events on has refurbished and added detailed information including stadiums, hotels, tourists' attractions, and many more about all the cities of South Africa where FIFA World Cup 2010 has been scheduled to take place.

May 27, 2010 San Jose, California - As the date of FIFA World Cup coming closer, the heartthrobs of everyone are increasing higher. The football lovers are losing their patience to have all detail information such as how to reach South Africa, where to stay, availability of facilities including hotels and other communications etc. To quench the curiosity of all football lovers has made several web pages exclusively containing the information about all the cities of South Africa where football world cup 2010 has been scheduled.

The detailed information that has been added by the on its special section for the soccer world cup are:

• Maps - provides attractive and interactive maps of various South Africa cities. All these cities maps noticeably show the location of cities, major roadways, railways, stadiums, along with other tourists' attractions.
• Venue - There is an exclusive map of South Africa that shows only the venue cities where football world cup will take place. On the same page, the information pertaining to the locations, schedule, and availability of other facilities have also been given.
• Participating Teams - Along with all essential information, also provides a list of all countries which are participating in the tournament with other details.
History - For the sake to recall the past results of FIFA World Cup there is also a page that entails the history of games.

Besides, exclusive section of South Africa facilitates its users with other significant information such as major tourists' attractions, hotels, local communications, national parks, native culture, nightlife along with many interesting facts.

Moreover, also makes available all these information and updates on Facebook and Twitter so that new users could also come to know about the new events.

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