Get Special Colors Of Drusy That No Other Company Is Making At Drusy-Quartz.Com, whose Drusy gemstones with quality and colour are popular across the world, is excited to announce that the company is now making special colors of Drusy that no other company is making, and one of the colors is the Black Drusy.

Thailand, May 17, 2015: -, whose Drusy gemstones with quality and colour are popular across the world, is excited to announce that the company is now making special colors of Drusy that no other company is making, and one of the colors is the Black Drusy. The Black Drusy is one of the colors that mostly in the market as titanium or silver tone and not a jet black.  To produce such colour, it needs special chemical composition and the Drusy-Quartz company mastered on. It requires scientists to alter the chemicals spray (CVD to happen), and their scientists are experienced and knowledgeable.

The company believes that the color of the stone is extremely significant part in Drusy, and has been manufacturing over 20 colors, but about 14 to 15 colors are running regularly. Rose gold, silver, blue, rose, gold, aqua sea and of course black are on top of this color list. In addition, the company is also manufacturer all sizes and shape gemstones, and even can customize according to client needs as well. For example, Drusy-Quartz is making star Drusy for one of the biggest client from the United States. The company trades their Drusy gemstones using this criteria, color saturation, crystal size, purity and crystal coverage. Drusy-Quartz specializes in hard-to-find gem quality Drusy, and focusing on complete aesthetic balance.

What is Drusy

Drusy, also spelt as Drusy or Druse is a sparkling carpet of fine sugar that form over a quartz when melted silica carried by ground water and deposited in the porous areas of the rocks. The varieties of beautiful colors come from a special process in which the Drusy is vapor coated in a special chamber with titanium or other precious metals. Drusy is believed by many to be associated with peace, tranquility, patience, intuition, unconditional love and also aid in the relief of ulcers and arthritis.  Drusy is rated at 7 on the Moh's Scale of Hardness (means it is fairly hard and so durable in jewelry) and is best suited brooches, earrings and for pendants rather than rings and bracelets due to the concern of the Drusy being.  Black Drusy is as genuine as white diamond but are not as common, and it must be noted that there are diamonds whose color has been artificially changed to black, but, genuine black diamond’s that occur naturally.

The minerals that deposited make the color of the crystals in Drusy, and te minerals that deposit as crystals on Drusy include:

  •   Uvarovite- Green Drusy
  •   Chrysocolla- A Turquoisey Blue Drusy
  •   Malachite- Shows As Black, Gray Or Silver, Not Green
  •   Hematite- Deep Red Drusy, From The Iron Oxide
  •   Psilomelane- Black Drusy
  •   Quartz- White Drusy Cobalto Calcite- Pale Pink Drusy

According to the CEO of the Company,” At the present time, lots of beautiful and popular celebrities & film stars are found wearing jewelry made with Drusy gems, and it seems to add on to their sparkle. With its eye captivating with bold hues, it makes the wearer look out of the crowd. Therefore, we try to make and supply unique colors of Drusy gems and specialize ourselves in custom orders to fulfill all the requirements of our clients. In addition, we also make all shapes in these gemstones on order basis. Our unique colored Drusy gems go well with any type of jewelry from bracelets to earrings, and necklaces to rings. They can charm everyone with the pure glitter of them. Our in house manufacturing of this stunning stones caters to the demands of all our buyers across the globe with unique colors and shades ranging from the gorgeous dusky shades like Cobalt blue to Titanium blue, from Victorian Bronze to Pearl shimmer, from Peacock green to natural white and many more we have all of them. In addition, we are making these gems in shapes like Oval, Pear, Rectangle, Round, Heart, Square and Marquise, etc.”

According to Managing Director of the Company, “Drusy-Quartz with its Drusy gems and jewelry tend to make wearers look as beautiful and attractive as these jewels. Additionally, we hope to meet the growing demands on our wholesale buyers with all the energy and hard work that we can do. With our stones and jewelry we mean to make every wearer a part of the shine of this attractive stone with its various shades and shadows. We, at Drusy-Quartz look forward to doing more and more work and bringing many more exclusive and unique Drusy gemstones for our buyers in the future.”

The prime reason behind the popularity of Drusy is that it is an inexpensive material to work with as well as can make nice pieces which make it seem like it’s an expensive gem when it is actually not expensive at all. In addition, one can get good Drusy gems at plenty of mineral for lower prices than other gems, depends on the color and size of the stones.

Metaphysical Properties of Drusy

Black gemstones are believed to be extremely protective and provide a retreat and the protection of being hidden from enemies, and usually associated with mystery and security. All black stones protect against negative energies plus foster transformation, so it protects new life and hence it is an outstanding stone during pregnancy and creating a balance between the physical, spiritual and emotional.

Black gems are extremely synergistic with light green crystals as well as give safety and confidence. Additionally, black gems bring water energy with its soothing sensuality, which can wrap one in a cocoon of security and safety as well. Besides, black is a great colour for a barrier crystal and helps focus and increase efforts to keep unwanted components out of wear's life.

About Drusy-Quartz: is a leading supplier of Wholesale Drusy Quartz from Thailand and has started a production unit making the most copious minerals on earth. The company is making Drusy gemstone producer into some uses and gives the precious stones a sparkle. However, the production facility of Drusy-Quartz is situated in Bangkok suburbs where large units of Drusy minerals are traded.

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