Get Smart Content Launches B2B Cross-Channel Personalization Maturity Model

Recent Poll Reveals Opportunities Abound for B2B Marketers to Reap Significant Benefits from Cross-Channel Personalization

Get Smart Content Maturity Model

Get Smart Content, the leader in B2B cross-channel personalization, released today the industry’s first maturity model for cross-channel personalization. The maturity model outlines the key areas that are critical for a successful personalization program, whether it’s a nascent or mature practice within a company. With the rise of the self-educating buyer and the fact that the vast majority of visitors to websites remain anonymous, it has never been more critical for B2B companies to find ways to turn anonymous visitors into addressable prospects and serve the relevant content that drives them to convert.

When done correctly, the opportunities and long-term benefits of cross-channel personalization are imminently clear. According to Harvard Business Review, personalization can deliver five to eight times the ROI on marketing spend, and can lift sales by 10 percent or more.

A 2016 survey conducted in conjunction with MarketingProfs in April of 2016, highlights the growing opportunity around personalization. While personalization is broadly adopted in email, with 71 percent of B2B marketing organizations segmenting their audience and serving targeted emails, it is now also growing rapidly in other channels, with 32 percent of respondents reporting that they are also serving personalized content on the website.

Through its extensive work with B2B organizations, Get Smart Content has discovered there isn’t one ‘right’ path that companies should take as they implement cross-channel personalization. Rather, there are multiple journeys that lead there. Resulting from this work, Get Smart Content has outlined distinct elements that are critical for a successful personalization program, which include:

  • Strategy
  • Leadership
  • Data
  • Content personalization
  • Measurement and learning

“Personalization is quickly becoming a must-have for B2B marketing organizations that are looking to increase the amount of leads generated from the website,” said Jim Eustace, Founder and CEO of Get Smart Content. “We built our personalization maturity model based on our experience providing strategic services to some of the best marketing groups in the world. We hope that it helps companies focus on the key areas that drive success, regardless of whether the companies are just starting out or have an existing program in place.”

To download the full Cross-Channel Personalization Maturity Model, please visit:

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Based in Austin, Texas, Get Smart Content is focused on transforming B2B marketing by tackling the problem that has plagued marketers for years - - how to connect disparate marketing platforms and bring your data together in one place. With your platforms connected, Get Smart Content provides an unprecedented look at your total audience and the data to know whether your marketing is reaching them successfully. With this top-down view you can present an optimized buyer’s journey that converts leads to customers sooner and upsells existing customers at greater rates. Founded in 2012, Get Smart Content is venture-backed by Origin Ventures and counts some of the world’s largest B2B companies, such as Rockwell Automation, HP and Cummins, as customers. For more information visit

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