Get Rich Helping SniorLiving Give Away $1 Million in Advertising

Senior Living LLC, helping Seniors find a perfect home or business service has now become a successful business opportunity

Orange, CA Senior Living LLC, a free referral service provider for seniors looking for senior homes, or Senior business services offers a turnkey business opportunity where licensees can earn a huge income helping Senior Living LLC promote its online and print magazine and senior service directory.

The Senior Living LLC internet licensee can work at home and make a full time income working part time. Each licensee chooses his or her hours and works as much or as little as they want. The licensee sends a few emails and/or post cards each day to an exclusive list provided by senior Living) of 100 to 1,000 Senior businesses and Senior Homes offering a Coupon Code valid for a FREE $479 One Year Premium Online advertising package at Senior Living LLC . Yes the COUPON CODE. Provides the service FREE! Yes it is a $479.40 VALUE!.

The licensee earns commission on upgrades the new Senior Business buys. GIVE and YOU Shall Receive, really holds true here. For every 100 Coupon Codes given away free Licensees should average a minimum of $1,000 in profits. Since it only takes a few hours a day to GIVE AWAY 100 FREE COUPON CODES this is a very Lucrative home business.

The Licensee makes $200 when one of the Senior Businesses orders a Full Page ad in our Printed and Online Magazine ad or orders a custom website or a SEO service and annual website promotion package, or a Custom Mobile App built for the Senior Business. The goal is that 10% of each Senior Business that redeems their Coupon Code orders an upgrade, with a minimum commission of $200 to you, After a Senior business redeems their coupon code an automatic link is sent to them allowing them access to redeem their free Premium Listing at and it also offers the several upgrades listed above at our discount price if they order today only! Just 5 Redemptions Per Day make Licensees $1,000 Profit per day.

Needless to say, the licensee receives the lion's share of the profit and NO EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED.

Also Licensees can run a couple Craigs List ads for FREE daily and find others to Give Away Senior Living Coupon Codes to our supplied list.

"This business opportunity has already returned my original investment. And since everything is automated, the entire process is run smoothly with the very little hard work of the licensee," says Tommy Patel, Senior LLC's first licensee for California. He has now established the business with more than 1.400 requests from Senior Businesses' and generated over $40,000 In Income in 3 months. I had no experience whatsoever Senior Living LLC really does provide all the training needed to be extremely successful.

Senior Living LLC: The Company is a magazine publishing and internet marketing company that provides free referral service to people looking for senior homes, adult family homes, adult foster homes and Residential Care For The Elderly and all Senior business services in the United States.

The Senior Living Goal is to have each licensee follow a simple training plan and Give Away $1,000,000 a Month of Free Coupon Codes that's 2,086 worth $479.40 each to Senior Businesses Each Month. The distribution is by E-Mail, Fax ordered online, postcards, Craigs Lists etc.. Senior Living provides everything needed to run this business online from home, and provide you with your first 2,086 Free Coupon Codes to give away FREE and the good part Each Coupon Code is ONLY good for 7-days from receipt of the offer, so each Senior business MUST redeem the Coupon Code within one week which speeds up the sales time and the income to you as a licensee. The complete licensee training kit is returned on the very first sale. Minimum startup cost is only $99.

To get started email or for a quicker response sign up online at or call 1-714-471-4929

Senior Living LLC
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Senior Living LLC
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