"Get Real about Love" - International Dating Expert Provides a Wake-Up Call to Busy, Frustrated Singles in New Book

To help busy, frustrated singles to wake up and take time for love, Love Designer Renée Piane releases her new book "Get Real about Love—The Secrets to Opening Your Heart & Finding True Love". Purchase the book at http://www.reneepiane.com/

In her new book, “Get Real about Love—The Secrets to Opening Your Heart & Finding True Love” (Love Works Publishing, Oct. 2014, 978-0-9678964-2-7, Price: $18.95), International Love Designer and Relationship Reinvention Expert Renée Piane asks busy singles to wake up and take time for love. With candor and wit, Piane shares true love stories, including her own. She details a step-by-step process, asking readers to explore their “love lineages” and determine their “love phases,” to remove the obstacles to love. This is the first in a series of books and products Piane is creating to help frustrated singles transform their lives to attract their life partner.

“Get Real about Love” is the culmination of Piane’s own journey, observation of thousands of people at her events, and the process she developed while teaching and presenting seminars over 25 years as a dating coach and makeover expert. She begins with the examination of one’s love history, habits and beliefs. As a “Love Designer,” she also evaluates how clients present themselves online and in person, assisting them with marketing and rebranding themselves after a break-up or divorce.

“I’m always asked how to find the perfect soulmate. People must get to know themselves and become the love they seek,” says Piane, iDate’s Top International Dating Coach in 2014. “Examine your heart and current situation. Is there a passenger remaining in your vehicle? If so, it’s like driving around with garbage in your car—no one else can take a ride until it’s cleaned out.”

Piane knows firsthand how people can become overly focused on their careers, and despite helping thousands find love, she didn’t marry until she was 45 years old. Her mother’s sudden death provided the wake-up call that motivated her to shift the focus from her career to herself, heal her heart and find the love of her life. Piane is on a passionate quest to share her life-changing process and inspire people to “Get Real about Love.”

“I wrote this book to ignite people’s hearts, so they can create space for love,” says Piane. “With guidance, people can transform their lives to attract extraordinary love.”

To purchase Piane’s book, visit http://www.reneepiane.com/

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