Get Ready to Throw the Summertime Bash of Your Dreams With Pretti Mini This Summer.

Plan a bright tropical party like you have never seen before with the launch of the Citrus Soiree Collection of party decor, backdrops, and favors that will delight children and adults alike.

The Citrus Soiree Collection By Pretti Mini

​​Planning a summertime bash just got a whole lot easier. Every detail has to be perfect for that special birthday party or baby shower. Each layer you add from the choice of tablecloth, to plates, to decor adds another layer to give a memorable homemade touch that will have all the party guests talking about your event long after it is over. A party - whether it is for a bridal shower or just because - is an opportunity to create memories with friends, family, and loved ones. Pretti Mini wants to make your next get together one that will have everyone clamoring for an invitation to any party you decide to throw.

Jen Kitzmiller has always had a love of parties. When she finally had a family of her own and a daughter to throw them for it inspired her to make each milestone and event more unique, interesting, and fun for the guests. This began a business in which she planned parties for others in and around her home. Everyone who attended loved the little touches she would create to make each get together individualized and specific to the guest of honor. As more and more people raved, Jen began to think  “how do I help people who can not afford a party planner, but still want to have fabulous and fun events for their children, family, and friends?” That is when Pretti Mini was born.

Pretti Mini is a party supply and decor company featuring a dazzling line of frilly, fun, and whimsical party decorations, backdrops, favors, cupcake toppers, and more that will delight party guests everywhere. These are not just boring little noise makers, but gorgeous handmade made pom pom wands built to last long after the last party guests have gone home. Luscious colorful fabric banners and pom pom swags to dress up walls and doorways. Complete do it yourself party in a box kits that will make decorating for your next bash a breeze. Now Pretti Mini is taking it back to being a kid with everyone’s favorite sweet and sour tropical treats with their Citrus Soiree Collection.

Citrus Soiree is the perfect collection to inspire your summertime birthday parties, baby showers, and family get together with its bright, punchy tropical citrus colors. Taking its inspiration from summer treats like ice cold lemonade, tropical fruit salad with scrumptious pineapple and delicious oranges, and playing till the wee hours of dusk paint the sky, it is time to throw a party with decor that is created to last. Once the party is over pom pom wands become beautiful fairy wands for imagination play. Fabric swags and pom pom bunting can be hung in a child’s room as a memento of the fun times shared with their friends and family meaning the party and memories never have to end.

Planning a party when life is hectic and there is so much on your plate can be a daunting task. Pretti Mini makes taking that first step to building an amazing party filled with lots of entertaining and enjoyable memories easy. They have everything you will need to make it look like you spent hours creating amazing party decor and favors that have a unique handmade touch. When you know that it was simple as choosing your favorite color and theme, it will be your little secret. So get ready to throw a bright and colorful Citrus Soiree this summer and make it a get together to remember.

About Pretti Mini

Jen Kitzmiller began her journey to party planning back in 2010 with the first party she threw for her daughter. No simple affair for Jen, it was a party to rival all parties with a petting zoo that took up most of the yard. It was the moment she discovered her love of throwing phenomenal unique parties not only for her daughter, but for others. In 2012, she began to turn her party planning ideas into a business creating wonderful parties with that special personal touch for others in and around her home of Buck County, PA.

As more and more people came to the parties she planned and she shared her skills with others she began to think about how she could help others take their parties and make them fun special occasions. Pretti Mini was born so that she could share her unique vision of quality handmade party goods, decor, favors, and backgrounds with that extra special little touch from coast to coast. It was not long before Jen’s favors and decor made their way aboard Carnival Cruise Lines and the Emmy Awards Gifting Suite.

Creating that special party time magic and seeing the light in children’s eyes and the smile on their faces is what keeps pushing Jen to create. Each party and requests she receives from her customers stretches her creatively to take each event over the top and make it special. When she is not thinking about her next big party idea, Jen loves to spend time with her family and entertain friends. A creative soul through and through she spends time decorating, baking, sewing and painting in the little spare time she has.

Now with the release of her fruity inspired Citrus Soiree Collection, Jen is ready to make those summertime parties events to be remembered. Inspired by all those delicious summer treats and fruits like lemon, lime, kiwi, peach, and oranges she is ready to make your next birthday party or baby shower a magical tropical affair. Dive into the experience of a party no one will forget and begin to create memories with friends, family, and loved ones near and far at your next soiree with Pretti Mini.

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