Get Ready to Print Memories From Anywhere With the New Liene Portable Photo Printer

Liene is dedicated to providing the world with intelligent photo and printing products that help people to capture and remember the most touching and unforgettable moments in life. And the new release Pearl mini photo printer line was created to be the ultimate way to bring memories to life.

Liene, creators of intelligent photo and printing products since 2017, announced today the release of its newest photo printing line called Pearl. Liene Pearl Mini Photo Printers offer users instant photo printing anytime and anywhere and come with a multifunctional app that can edit, modify and decorate photos quickly and effortlessly. 

After years of research, iterations and testing to build the most portable, easy-to-use, affordable photo printer, Liene Pearl product line was created, and "Make love alive" is the core value that Liene Pearl Line insists on. In this digital age, it's valuable that people can remain true to each other when people's emotions are more and more marginalized. And Liene believes it's important to create portable photo printers to help people inspire original goodwill towards a simple life and beautiful things, and break through more restrictions and boundaries of emotional expression.

Pearl portable photo printers aim to help users to print photos to share, to convey more joy and love more conveniently, which is ideal for taking to gatherings and parties or while hiking and traveling to capture unforgettable moments. 

The Liene Pearl Mini Photo Printer features: 

  • Smooth and Fast Printing: Simply connect to printer via Bluetooth 5.0 and enjoy smooth and fast printing while on the go. Compatible with iOS and Android devices and comes with a sliding cover to load a roll of photo paper easily. 
  • Wireless Printing and Portable: Liene designed the printer to allow for easy carrying and printing anytime and anywhere without taking up too much space. Conveniently prints 30 photos wirelessly with one charge with a printing speed of 45 seconds per photo. 
  • Zink Inkless Printing: Liene photo printer uses inkless printing that significantly reduces damage to print head parts & extends the life of the printer. It prints clear photos so that every detail can be seen.
  • 100 Sheet of Sticky Back Paper: Print fantastic portraits in color and paste them on any surface. The photos will never fall off. Relive precious memories every day, like one's wedding day, baby's birth, or child's graduation. 
  • Edit, Modify, Decorate: Liene's multifunctional app allows users to customize, edit and decorate photos. Choose between different filters, effects, brightnesses and more to make any photo look professional and ever-lasting. 

When life doesn't stand still and the special moments are important to be captured and remembered, a Liene pocket-sized printer can be the best partner on life's journey to help to capture what means most.

And now, Liene Pearl Mini Photo Printers are available for sale, ranging from $97.99 to $109.99. Visit for more information. 

Source: Liene