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The benefits of Chess have been highlighted by many scholars and researchers. Playing chess regularly from a young age improves concentration, develops patience and increases the brain's ability to grasp new things, strengthens problem solving skills, teaches how to make decisions independently, enhances memory, and mathematical abilities, and more. is a one-of-its-kind Company based in Australia that aims at bringing the benefits of Chess to as many schools, students and people as possible. Founded and run by Graeme and Wendy Gardiner, the Company is an indicator of the couples' love for Chess and their life long experience in playing it.

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GardinerChess is a Company that focuses on imparting knowledge about chess and spreading awareness about the mental and psychological benefits of playing it from an early age. Based out of Australia, they strive to foster a love of chess primarily in children and also in adults by conducting chess coaching, formulating chess programs for schools and educational institutes and through various other expert services, books and products. for more details please visit at: