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ZOLLAR - Get Cash for Your Videos

Many pundits who have suffered looking for a platform where they can upload their videos and make an extra income have a reason to breathe a sigh of relief. 

That is after the on line video production market has been moved a notch higher than what it used to be with the launch of the new kid on the block the ZOLLAR video upload platform by ZOLLAR Inc.  The platform whose inception has hit the market with a boom offers an opportunity to the video producers to have a place where they can shoot funny, interesting or catastrophic videos and sell their videos.

For starters, the urge to sell videos with ZOLLAR is pegged on the fact that the platform offers each video that is uploaded to it a payment of $1 per minute upon approval.  However, according to the CEO, individuals using the platform are meant to make money with ZOLLAR using its mobile application to upload the videos.

In fact, “it is the mobile applications which set us apart from the rest of the park as it is easy to navigate and enables the users to have access to live events which they then upload.” says Burak Kebapci Founder/CEO.

However, because of the current activities, which the video platform is giving out to its user, that has been its main point of attraction.  For instance, the sell video function has been significantly improved with less time taken for approval.

One user who has had the chance to sell video with ZOLLAR has intimated to use that this is something he has always cherished to have. He continues that this is a fantastic mobile application that has significantly changed his life.  In fact, for those who are looking for opportunities to make money with it, they only need to visit the Google play store or the app store and get the application.

The final step is to download the ZOLLAR app, record funny, interesting or catastrophic videos and upload the video and be paid when the video is moderated and approved.

Put your skills to good use with ZOLLAR. For more information, check out today or download the ZOLLAR - Sell Video Mobile App from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Source: ZOLLAR

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