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Despite rapid advancement in medical science and the emergence of the newer biomedical device, acupuncture and integrative medical treatment would never lose its popularity

Over the last few decades, acupuncture has gained immense popularity not only in America but also across the globe. This ancient traditional medical treatment uses a multitude of thin needles at specific points on the body to regulate the function of nerves, blood, and organs, in a targeted way. However, acupuncture is not just inserting needles into the body but a holistic treatment that can cure complex health issues. This integrative medical treatment has become an effective tool for musculoskeletal conditions. On the top of it, acupuncture and Chinese Medicine form a great combination that can be effectively employed for a vast variety of health concerns such as fertility, digestive problems, skin issues, neurological conditions, etc. Vitality Integrative Medicine is one such health care unit that believes in merging ancient wisdom with modern science.

The expert doctors at Vitality Care have been passionate about health care for a long time. They have been providing holistic acupuncture in Burbank & Beverly Hills CA for the treatment of Fibromyalgia, Cancer, and more. For last few years, they have been serving Encino, North Hollywood, Burbank, Sherman Oaks, Van Nuys, CA. To provide the most holistic treatment, they use integrative methods to minimize side-effects, but also better support long-term health maintenance.

They are licensed primary care doctors in the state of California. They make use of dietary counseling and therapies, herbal medicine, nutraceuticals, supplements, hydrotherapy, exercise, electrotherapeutics, therapeutic ultrasound, injections and nutritional IV’s, and pharmaceuticals. Before prescribing any particular treatment, they do standard physical examinations and use standard and specialized laboratory testing.

They play an important role in the setting of today’s increasing prevalence of preventable chronic disease. They are efficient in counseling patients on how to make effective lifestyle adjustments to treat disease conditions and maximize their health potential.

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Vitality Integrative Medicine merges the best of East and West, making it a truly comprehensive medical practice. The expert doctors specialize in Chronic disease, weight loss, pain, and anti-aging medicine.

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Vitality Integrative Medicine merges the best of East and West, making it a truly comprehensive medical practice. Dr. Jeremy Fischer has trained in the U.S. and China, and synthesizes the tools of modern diagnostic information and treatments.

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