'Get a Little Hot' Launches Website, Subscription Service

Jeff and Bethany Meadows

Hot sauce lovers, your dreams have come true with the launch of a new subscription service called “Get a Little Hot.” The brainchild of husband and wife team Jeff and Bethany Meadows, the website seeks to bring uniquely Southern craft and small-batch hot sauces to spicy food lovers throughout the country. 

“Jeff loves hot sauce, and I have a background in marketing,” Bethany Meadows explained. “We thought this would be a fun endeavor to bring many different companies together to provide a unique gift option or subscription service for those who like kicking the heat up a notch. We are a blended family and between us have seven children, two sons-in-law, one significant other and our third grandbaby on the way. Every Sunday is ‘Family Dinner’ at our house, and we all come together to enjoy great food … and there is always a big selection of hot sauce on the table.” 

Many of the hot sauces featured are not available outside the South, so this service will open new avenues for the public across the country to try these curated hot sauces from small-batch companies. With three different subscription options, each delivery will feature one to three bottles of sauce, sent directly to your home on a monthly or quarterly basis. “Our subscribers can choose the level of heat from mild sauce to ‘hot enough to roast a lizard’,” Meadows said. “The fun part is that we will surprise them with a different hand-picked hot sauce brand every delivery.”

The couple is forging relationships with small companies throughout the South that are driven by their passion for their product. “Most of these companies started out making hot sauce as a hobby or sampling it at their local farmer’s market,” Meadows said. “They source fresh peppers from local farms and keep their ingredients to a minimum, creating a clean, tasty product.”

The new company is also setting out to tell the stories of the companies they represent. “We really want our subscribers to get to know the companies and their owners personally and their passion behind their products,” Meadows said. “The stories will be featured on their website, social media and even in the boxes themselves.” 

The company is also planning to offer individual bottles for those who fall in love with a brand in their subscription box. Gift baskets and packages will be offered for corporate and customer appreciation gifts.

For more information, please visit the website at www.getalittlehot.com.


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