Gesture-Based Launcher For Android Phones

Probayes has just released the first gesture-based launcher for Android phones: Move'n Launch

Probayes has just released the first gesture-based launcher for Android phones: Move'n Launch

Move'n Launch allows you to associate gestures of your choice with phone actions. An action can be anything you want: calling an application, a shortcut, a contact, making a phone call...
Once done, you will be able to trigger a specific action with your gesture.
The application will recognize your gesture and call the appropriate action.

Using the 'Quicklaunch' mode, you can easily call Move'n Launch, execute your gesture, and call any application ...

3 easy steps to use the application:
1.Train your phone to recognize a gesture
2.Assign the gesture to any action (application, shortcut, contact, ...)
3.Reproduce the gesture to trigger the action

You can add as many gestures as you want, the only limit: your imagination

Save time, make your life easier...

How is it possible?

Using the same component as Move'n Play application ( ), this new application fully leverages your smartphone's technology (accelerometer & 3 axis gyrometer) and Probayes software. You phone will be transformed into an advanced motion detector.

Probayes develops software decision-making solutions based on predictive behavior analytics. With a staff of 21 people, with 80% of PhD, the company is privately held, with offices in France and Mexico. The company is a spin-off of internationally recognized French research institutes (CNRS and INRIA), based on the valorization of a unique technology: ProBT a computing engine for Bayesian networks learning and inference.

The technology proposed by Probayes can be applied to the classification, recognition and prediction of behaviors for objects, process, or human beings. So, in order to address the different application fields, Probayes is structured around 3 competency centers:

- Finance: Probayes develops solutions for debit/credit card fraud detection. The solutions are based on the analysis and prediction of behaviors of cardholders to detect frauds. References: Groupement des Cartes Bancaires, La Banque Postale.

- Defense/Automotive: Probayes develops different applications based on behavior predictions of objects. The capability of predicting allows our customers to make better decision, much sooner than with traditional approaches. Amongst our references: DCNS, MBDA, AREVA, TOYOTA, ...

- Process Management: Probayes develops industrial applications for predicting the behavior of an industrial process, whether it is at a component level or to the whole assembly chain: ST Microelectronics, MGE-UPS, ...

Warning: the more you use it.... the more you will use it!

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