Gerstman Schwartz LLP Expands Its Practice With the Launch of Two New Areas of Practice: Commercial Real Estate and General Business

New York-based law firm Gerstman Schwartz LLP is setting itself apart with the launch of two new areas of practice: commercial real estate and general business. 

Gerstman Schwartz LLP's team of corporate business attorneys will provide appropriate guidance to companies ranging in size and experience from startups and small businesses to major corporations. Every client, large and small, will be supported with forward-thinking, strategic advice that is individualized to fit their needs. From reducing risks to preventing legal obstacles, GS Law is proud to offer corporate insight that businesses can trust. 

"When it comes to the health of your business, being able to identify and navigate the legal sphere is essential," began co-founding partner Bradley L. Gerstman. "At Gerstman Schwartz LLP, this expansion is a natural move for us as we're already working with multiple startups and businesses across all sectors. Our clients have been asking for this because they trust us and our commitment to their success."

In addition to general business legal work, the firm will also now be focusing on commercial real estate transactions. "Whether you're a landlord, developer, or prospective tenant, you need a commercial real estate attorney that can identify the risks and rewards of a potential agreement," explained co-founding partner David Schwartz. "With Joseph Farber recently joining our firm as a partner, expanding our practice became a no brainer as Mr. Farber has extensive (and very successful) experience in real estate and commercial mortgage transactions."

"Equipped with years of experience, Gerstman Schwartz is ready to help you discover the right solutions for your commercial needs. Whether you are an individual who requires sophisticated counsel or a corporation requiring extensive experience with complex matters, Gerstman Schwartz will develop the appropriate course of action to help you accomplish the goals necessary to make your commercial endeavors a success," added partner Joseph Farber.

The firm's commercial real estate offerings will include (but are not limited to) construction contracts, dispute resolution, financing, lease evaluations, lease negotiations (landlords and tenants), purchases and sales, and school real estate. 

To learn more about Gerstman Schwartz LLP, please contact Brad Gerstman, ESQ. at (516) 880-8170 or email

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