Gerrick Wilkins Announces Congressional Reform Plan

Wilkins Plan to Restore People’s Faith in Government

Gerrick Wilkins, candidate for Congress in Alabama's 6th District, today unveiled his plan to clean up Congress.

“Congress’ job approval performance rating is at an all time low. We need to restore people’s faith in our system of government and it starts with cleaning the House,” said Wilkins who has just recently published a book on term limits, “Unshackling Democracy: Embracing Term Limits, Empowering Citizens.”

Wilkins’ plan of action in cleaning up Congress:

  • Term limiting Congress. 
  • End insider trading on legislation by requiring Congressional members to put their personal finances in a blind trust.
  • Require Congressional members to join the same pension system as all other federal employees.
  • No more special exemptions from laws Congress passes, such as Obamacare.
  • Require a ten-year cooling off period for Congressional members from being able to lobby.
  • Prohibit immediate family members from being paid federal lobbyists and serving on foreign corporate boards.

“We need term limits. Too many politicians have gotten rich in DC, because they put their personal wealth ahead of the people. It is time to restore our founding fathers’ vision of a citizens legislature,” said Wilkins.

Wilkins is also concerned with insider trading. During the 2020 elections, 302 members of Congress accepted campaign donations from pharmaceutical companies totaling $14 million. Pfizer, who has developed one of the vaccines, has a PAC that donated to 228 members. Worse yet, 48 members invested in Pfizer.

Wilkins further says, “It is time for more than endless discussion about policy, we need to take action to restore the people’s faith in our government. By requiring members to put their money in a blind trust, we can stop them from benefiting from legislation they support or oppose.  Members should be voting for the people not financial gain.”

“When Congress enacts bad legislation such as Obamacare, Congress should not be exempt. They need to live by the legislation they pass,” said Wilkins.

Wilkins is a person of action. This is the third major plan he has announced. Last month he unveiled his comprehensive "America First Border Security Plan" and earlier this month he announced his “America First Economic Overhaul Plan.” Wilkins further says, “It is time for more than just endless discussion about policy. We need to take action to restore the people’s faith in our government.”

For more information on Gerrick Wilkins, please visit or reach out to:

Lewis Pitchford, Campaign Manager

Source: Wilkins for Congress