Germfree Laboratories and AST Unite to Redefine Aseptic Fill-Finish Processing Technology

Revolutionary Collaboration to Introduce an American-Made Turn-Key Solution with Unparalleled Innovation

Germfree Laboratories, a global leader in isolator technology for aseptic processing and containment in the pharmaceutical sector, and AST, a pioneer in aseptic fill-finish processing technology, are thrilled to announce a revolutionary partnership. This landmark collaboration is set to redefine industry standards, launching a new era of innovation and efficiency.

This co-development represents a watershed moment, as the two industry giants pool their expertise to develop the very first end-to-end American-designed, sourced, and manufactured turn-key aseptic fill-finish processing solution. With a commitment to excellence and precision, AST and Germfree Laboratories are collaborating to provide pharmaceutical manufacturers with a comprehensive, integrated solution that encompasses aseptic manufacturing, service, and parts – all based in the United States.

This collaboration will bring a new class of isolator to the market, creating a technically superior, cGMP-compliant product with improved efficiency, sterility assurance, and a disruptive VHP solution that provides industry-leading bio-decontamination cycle times. Bolstered by a streamlined, responsive, and localized supply chain, this development will transform the way pharmaceutical companies approach aseptic processing. This revolutionary new isolator will be available exclusively on AST’s fill-finish equipment, as well as from Germfree for other applications across the pharmaceutical industry. With both companies dedicated to uncompromising quality, innovation, and customer care, the partnership is set to make a lasting impact on the life sciences industry.

"By combining Germfree's isolator technology prowess with AST's proficiency in aseptic fill-finish processing and control system compliance, we're embarking on a journey that will redefine industry norms," said Kevin Kyle, CEO of Germfree Laboratories. "Our united efforts on this development will not only enhance operational efficiency but also ensure that our clients have access to a fully domestic, end-to-end solution."

"We are excited to partner with Germfree Laboratories to create a solution that embodies American ingenuity and excellence," commented Joe Hoff, President and CEO of AST. "Our shared vision will provide pharmaceutical manufacturers with the tools they need to ensure the highest level of product integrity and patient safety."

The combined strengths of AST and Germfree Laboratories promise to shape the future of aseptic processing technology, offering a holistic solution that empowers pharmaceutical manufacturers to meet the evolving demands of the industry while adhering to the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Source: Germfree Laboratories

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