Gerald B. Mentor's New Book "Day of the Veeror" Is a Science Fiction Endeavour Set as a Timeless Adventure Bursting With Mythology From Various Global Cultures.

Recent release "Day of the Veeror" from Page Publishing author Gerald B. Mentor is a story about a being who evolves by means of his unique long memory of his rôh and magical powers from an ancient past.

Gerald B. Mentor, a retired publishing businessman, has completed his new book “Day of the Veeror”:  an all-encompassing tale that will beguile the reader to think more deeply about fact vs. myth, in realization with human existence and the various dimensions of time.

Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, Gerald B. Mentor’s fascinating tale details how several ancient Earth cultures contain legends about the "rôh"--which is described as, “that which goes out of a man’s body when he sleeps.”

Millions of eons ago, the rôh was highly developed by the advanced human civilizations whose thorough knowledge of nature gave them the powers of high science that we would call magic. Nonetheless, a group from an alien world learned certain aspects of this science and applied it toward evil.

In revolt against the alien forces, a new group dedicated to good emerged.  Such heroes were considered veerors--the ones who could change the dimensions of time and vanquish perpetual evil. The principal hero, the Veeror, has evolved because of retaining past memories of his rôh and magical powers from an ancient past.  

In due course, the hero learns by heart, who he really is and why mystical forces are guiding him and his friends in an ancient battle against a powerful alien arch villain, who for eons has controlled much of the world’s civilizations.

Readers who wish to experience this imaginative work can purchase “Day of the Veeror” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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