Georgia Gas Savings Launches Georgia Natural Gas Mobile Shopping Apps

Comparing Natural Gas Rates in Georgia Just Got Easier

Georgia Gas Savings App - Available in the ITunes Store

Electricity Ratings, LLC. announced the launch of an iOS and Android supported Georgia Gas Savings app, today. The app is a free natural gas price comparison app which makes comparing and switching gas providers easier for Georgia residential and business gas customers. features customer reviews and allows users to compare natural gas suppliers in the deregulated areas of Georgia, including Atlanta, Athens, Augusta, Columbus, Macon, and Savannah. Both Georgia residents and businesses shopping for energy choice will find natural gas suppliers in their local Atlanta Gas Light service area who provide the best rates and highest value for their money.

With surges of winter cold far from over, iOS and Android apps can help reduce the impact on customer pocketbooks by providing Georgians with a comparison website and companion mobile apps that allow them to compare, shop, and switch providers in minutes. 

The site also offers access to thousands of customer reviews and provides valuable comparison data that goes beyond typical apples-to-apples comparison sites. Whether a customer is looking to compare the best natural gas rates in Atlanta, Macon, or Savannah, they'll be sure to find a Georgia natural gas supplier offering the right service at the right rate that best fits their needs either by visiting the website or by just tapping the app!

The Android version for Georgia Gas Savings app can be found in the Google Play Store; the version for Apple iOS app can be found in the iTunes Store. Both versions can be also be accessed from the Georgia Gas Savings Apps page.

ABOUT GEORGIAGASSAVINGS.COM is the destination website for Georgia residents and business owners to compare energy rates, share their opinions and have a voice in the Georgia Deregulated Energy Market. Electricity Ratings, LLC helps people make informed buying decisions through its consumer reviews platform and is a reliable source for valuable consumer insight, advice, in-depth energy company service evaluations, and personalized recommendations. Since 2009, we've helped over 1.5 million shoppers find the best energy providers and rates. Electricity Ratings, LLC operates similar consumer energy shopping websites in Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Connecticut, and New York.

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Source: Electricity Ratings, LLC


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