George M. Dean's New Audiobook 'Good Luck Sir...Sorry You Lose!' is a Fascinating Memoir of the Author's Career While Working as a Table Games Dealer in Las Vegas

Recent audiobook release "Good Luck Sir...Sorry You Lose! My Time as a Las Vegas Dealer" from author George M. Dean is an incredible account of the author's career in the Las Vegas gambling scene. From rowdy customers to difficult coworkers and the incredible pressure that came with the gig, Dean shares all that he learned on the job until his retirement.

George M. Dean, who worked as a table games dealer and floor supervisor in various Las Vegas casinos, has completed his new audiobook "Good Luck Sir...Sorry You Lose! My Time as a Las Vegas Dealer": an impactful memoir that recalls the author's time working as a table games dealer and the various situations he found himself in.

Reflecting on his nearly four-decade-long career, Dean writes, "Over the past thirty-eight years, quite a few people, mostly friends, and players, have asked me if being a table games dealer is a career worth pursuing. That of course really depends on the individual. Me? Hell yeah, I loved being a dealer. And if it hadn't been for my health issues, I'd presumably, be doing it for another five years before retiring. Most of the others, who weren't afraid to talk with the dealers and floor, were just peachy. I guess my point is, that if you can handle the personalities, mostly from some abusive players, and you don't mind cigarette and cigar smoke destroying your lungs, then dealing might be perfect for you. Just don't be afraid to stand your ground when you know you're right. Just make sure you're right, though."

Published by Audiobook Network, author George M. Dean's new audiobook strikes a magnificent balance between comedy and serious lessons as the author navigates each of his stories with incredible pacing. "Good Luck Sir…Sorry You Lose!" is an incredible look at human beings and what each is like while riding high and down on their luck.

Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of "Good Luck Sir...Sorry You Lose! My Time as a Las Vegas Dealer" by George M. Dean through Audible, the Apple iTunes store, or Amazon. 

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