Geonfino Launches Three Smart Door Locks With Advanced Biometric Features and Voice Control

Geonfino, a Leading Smart Door Lock Brand, Unveils State-of-the-Art Security Solutions for Smarter, Safer Homes

Geonfino is a leading smart door lock brand that has established itself as a synonym for intelligent and safe life security. The brand has dedicated itself to providing state-of-the-art security solutions for homes, with a rich history and exclusive R&D patents and technologies. Geonfino aims to benchmark home security by offering intelligent, innovative devices that provide comprehensive protection.

As an expert in intelligent security, Geonfino is committed to researching and developing fashionable, user-friendly, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly security products using the best technology.

Geonfino is excited to announce the launch of three new products, each featuring a unique six-in-one unlocking method that ensures maximum security and convenience. These state-of-the-art security solutions are designed to make homes smarter and safer.

Geonfino G4 Pro fingerprint door lock is a six-in-one smart keyless entry door lock that offers six ways to unlock: fingerprint, Bluetooth application control, password, IC card, physical key, and gateway (sold separately). With biometric fingerprint scanning and high-quality zinc alloy construction, this advanced lock ensures robust security. In addition, the TTlock app allows customers to manage their fingerprint door lock.

Geonfino G4 Pro+G2 smart lock: This versatile lock also offers six unlocking methods: fingerprint, app control, IC card, password, physical key, and G2 gateway. Customers can use it with Google and Amazon Alexa to allow convenient voice control. Equipped with biometric fingerprint scanning and made of high-quality zinc alloy, this lock is built to last and offers advanced security.

Geonfino S1 Pro smart lock features advanced fingerprint scanning, TTLock app control, password, IC card, physical key, and gateway unlocking (sold separately). This lock provides high security against snooping, protecting homes from intruders.

Geonfino's latest security solutions demonstrate the brand's commitment to providing the most advanced and reliable home security products.

Source: Geonfino