Geniuss Is Releasing New Music Video "Jugg It"

New independent artist Geniuss is releasing a music video from his studio album titled "Get Money University" which is on iTunes. "Jugg It" is a single of the album and the whole world needs to see it.

​Geniuss is a independent artist from Columbus, Ohio. He has been recording songs sense the age of 9. Sense 2011 Geniuss has been releasing continues mixtapes to the public. You can check out Geniuss mixtapes at The song titled "Jugg It" is from Geniuss studio album "Get Money University which is on sale now at The song is a big hit and he plans to reach success with the track and video. The music video to the song "Jugg It" will release on December 9, 2015 on Geniuss youtube channel. His YouTube channel is called "Geniuss Videos". Please subscribe and continue to show Geniuss that you are a devoted fan of his music and his overall dream to succeed in the music business. Also please follow geniuss on twitter @geniuss_614.


Shamar Williams, Geniuss

"Jugg It" will surely be a success because it also is a dance that was shaped for the Hip-Hop culture, all other ethnicity's and all Genres. Geniuss also shows his viewers how to do the jugg it dance on his YouTube channel so just go to his channel and learn how to do the dance. Add a twist to the dance and have your own creativity come to life. lets support this video and send it to the top of the mountain.