GeniusLab Startup Unveils Ad Blocker With New Advanced Features

GeniusLab, a startup that develops ios apps has announced the launch of a new app Genius Ad Blocker a unique content blocker for Safari made for iPhone and iPad.

Launched just few days ago in the Apple Store, Genius AdBlocker makes it easier to navigate with Safari. Browse faster and freely with no more ads slowing it down.

The Genius AdBlocker has some unique features, which make it unbeatable. Browsing speed will increase by 6 times not only improving user's safety but also removing all the risk of the annoying tracking ads.

Faster Browsing for Faster Living at GeniusLab!

Browsing will be so much better that users can save up to 50% in  battery life and  mobile data plan and they can easily choose advanced blocking options such as social buttons, scripts or images.

Genius AdBlocker integrates also a whitelist sites option and the free updates are frequently released. GeniusLab will ensure a complete secure browsing experience so users can take back control of their life. Faster Browsing for Faster Living at GeniusLab

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