Generosity Water Launches Cause Driven Alkaline Bottled Water With Perfect pH Balance

Generosity Water, a high-quality alkaline water with a perfect pH balance of 10.0 is now available online and at Erewhon Natural Foods Market. Through its direct charity partner, for every bottle purchased Generosity Water provides access to clean water to two people for one month.

Generosity Water is equally committed to quality, sustainability and cause. The water is purified through reverse osmosis, which removes all impurities; it is then ionized for alkalinity.  The water is engineered with active mineral ingredients that allow it to maintain a perfect pH level of 10.0 for its entire shelf life. Generosity Water bottles are BPA free.

Inspired by the power of generosity, the Generosity Water brand is dedicated to fighting global problems through a sustainable business model. Each bottle of Generosity Water is marked with a QR code that can instantly show the exact community each purchase supports through funding water projects around the world. With every purchase of Generosity Water, the company moves closer in its efforts in helping end the global water crisis.

Generosity Water is available for purchase at Erewhon Natural Foods Market in Los Angeles and Calabasas and online at

About Generosity Water

In 2009, the humanitarian organization was founded in an effort to help end the water crisis one community at a time. In just five years, has raised over $4 million to bring clean water to over 300,000 people in 19 countries. Committed to continuing this mission with a new approach, Generosity Water was launched. The company headquarters are in Los Angeles, California and Generosity Water is currently sourced and bottled in Southern California.

For additional information please contact To learn more about Generosity Water please visit or connect via social media @generositywater #DrinkGiveLive.