General Warning From A-US Air Conditioning of Texas: Secure Your HVAC Unit Before Turning on the Air

A-US Air Conditioning of Texas is urging their neighbors to get their HVAC Units checked prior to turning on the air conditioning.

A-US Air Conditioning of Texas

Summer has come at a slow burn this year, under the Texas sun. However, it won’t be long before there’s a daily blaze. Even for Texans who love the heat, it always gets to a point where the air conditioning is necessary.  

A-US Air Conditioning Cautions the Public

The summer weather brings about warning signs of a faulty unit, that can be repaired easily before it’s been switched on. Yet, every year, residents turn on their HVAC unit, without recognizing the signs.

Unfortunately, once a unit is turned on, there’s no turning back. What could’ve been fixed easily, is now a costly fix that could result in having to replace the unit altogether.

After all, it’s not only a costly endeavor to fix a broken HVAC unit; it’s also dangerous to go without relief. The Texas heat is dangerous and the time it takes to become more than an inconvenience isn’t comforting.

Vital Equipment Checks

A-US Air Conditioning has an exceptional, highly-trained staff that is quick and efficient when it comes to checking HVAC units.

These technicians know what to look for as early warning signs of a failing system. Plus, there are preemptive actions to ensure everything will go smoothly when the unit is turned on.

Here are a few of the actions that A-US Air Conditioning takes during every tune-up:

  • Changing the Filter: The air filter catches all the debris that’s in the air throughout the year. If it isn’t changed regularly, the system could get clogged, which will affect the air quality.
  • Checking the Thermostat:The thermoset reading must be correct, or it will greatly impact your energy bills this season.
  • Cleaning Your Coils: (For Outdoor Units) Since the coils are exposed to the elements all winter long, they become bogged down with dirt and debris. These coils need to be cleaned, or that debris can cause extensive internal damage to the unit.

Emergency Relief

Unfortunately, sometimes accidents happen, and an emergency arises. A-US Air Conditioning understands this happens.

That is why they’ve initiated a twenty-four-hour, emergency hotline that will be answered seven days per week.

A-US Air Conditioning knows that emergencies rarely occur at convenient times. Here are a few instances where calling the hotline can help Include:

  • There's a scent of gas.
  • Air conditioning isn’t working.
  • Heat isn’t working.

Plus, this emergency service is complimentary, through A-Us Air Conditioning. So, there is never an extra charge for an emergency call.

To close, A-US Air Conditioning is dedicated to keeping your family safe and comfortable this summer season.

Contact A-US Air Conditioning today for more information about their services or to receive a quote.

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