GEI Global on the Move With Acquisition of Zarvic Brothers

GEI Global Energy Corp. (OTCBB: GEIG) today announced the execution of a definitive agreement to acquire Zarvic Brothers, LLC. of New York. The purchase will enhance financial opportunities for GEI Global and integrates with a strategy to provide high-impact real estate and technology merger acquisition transactions throughout the United States and the world. Zarvic Brothers LLC is excited to be part of the GEI Global family and will focus on increasing the GEIG shareholder value through commercial real estate asset acquisitions and appreciation”, as shared by Zarvic Brothers.

“Our acquisition of Zarvic Brothers adds to our overall brand and represents an important strategic opportunity to focus our business model and to acquire opportunities for product deployment. By purchasing Zarvic Brothers, GEI Global will be able to expand our business and product offerings to a larger commercial real estate customer base throughout the world”, said Dr. K. Joel Berry, Chairman and CEO of GEI Global.  “GEI Global is eager to welcome Zarvic Brothers and staff to the GEI Global team.”

About Zarvic Brothers LLC:

Zarvic Brothers is a privately-held, New York based company, that specializes in the acquisition and disposition of value added commercial real estate, leasing, and merger acquisitions of private and public companies.

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