Gear Infusion Develops New Fun Yet Challenging Trick Shot Bottle Opener

Slap Cap lets you keep the fun going, even once the caps come off!

Brushed Silver Slap Cap Trick Shot Bottle Opener

Gear Infusion, a company specializing in useful, everyday gadgets, announced today that it is raising funds through Kickstarter to complete the development of a new bottle opener with trick shot game elements. Slap Cap will not only allow users to easily open their brews but to flip the caps across the room (or into the next if you want to show off).

Built to fit ergonomically in the back pocket of any bartender or barback, the Slap Cap bottle opener is bent up at both ends, with a recessed area on one side perfectly shaped to hold a bottle cap ready to be flung across the room. After opening a beer, simply place the cap and hit the other end of the opener to flip the cap into a red cup on the table, the trash can across the room, or make a trick shot into a flamingo floaty in a hot tub (it works, we tried it).

Slap Cap lets you keep the fun going, even once the caps come off!

Brian Filko, Creator/Owner, Gear Infusion

"Slap Cap lets you keep the fun going, even once the caps come off!” Filko said.

So far games we have come up with include trick shots, 1-minute shootout, and team relay, but the Gear Infusion team is opening up the floor for anyone to submit a game during the Kickstarter. The GI crew will then run weekly challenges on social media, showing off their best shots and seeing if anyone else can top them.

Slap Cap gives businesses the perfect opportunity to make their brand synonymous with fun by offering custom laser-etched logos in the center of the product. Since the bottle opener doubles as a game, engagement with the brands' logo will continue long after the cap is off the bottle.

Available in a brushed silver or black finish, the bottle opener has three contact points to minimize bending to the cap during removal so it sits flush in the launcher’s circular recess, allowing the cap to catch maximum air. Whether you are looking to liven up a dinner party or get 100,000 views on YouTube with an impressive trick shot, Slap Cap has you covered.

Gear Infusion will offer Kickstarter backers the first chance to own a Slap Cap bottle opener, along with other prizes, if it reaches its goal of $3,500 by April 5, 2018.

The Slap Cap is the latest product launched by Gear Infusion, which already offers two different types of bottle openers made of Grade 5 Titanium, including the incredibly strong penny-sized Pry.Me and the larger Brew Soldier, as well as the Key Titan, a line of three organizing key carabiners. With each new product launch, all Kickstarter rewards and subsequently purchased products were shipped on time, if not ahead of schedule.

Entrepreneur Brian Filko launched Gear Infusion in 2016, introducing the popular penny-sized Pry.Me bottle opener through a Kickstarter campaign that raised over $17,000, and tapping into a community of like-minded people who appreciate minimalism and utility.

To learn more about Slap Cap, please visit the Kickstarter Page.

For hi-res photos of Slap Cap, please visit the Dropbox Folder.

To learn more about past products, please visit the Gear Infusion Website.

Slap Cap Specs:

  • 6” (15.2 cm) long and 1.75” (4.5 cm) wide stainless steel body
  • Available in a Brushed Silver with a black Slap Cap logo or in a Black finish with a white Slap Cap logo
  • Available in Brushed Silver with a custom lasered black logo up to up to 1.5" (3.8 cm) x 2.5" (6.4 cm) in size

Media Contact: 
Brian Filko
Phone: 484-225-1206

Source: Gear Infusion


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