Gator Bait Hot Sauce Takes the East Coast by Storm

Finally a hot sauce where one doesn't need to get a gallon of water ready for one's mouth to not catch on fire afterwards. It gives a delicious kick on the tongue and is so addictive that people are carrying it around to add to their meals.

Pit Boss' Gator Bait is so amazing some people add it to their Bloody Marys as well.

​​​​Gator Bait Cajun Hot Sauce is not just another sauce. This Louisiana-made hot sauce is certified Cajun and quickly becoming a household favorite in new markets.

The Gator Bait hot sauce is made by Pit Boss deep in Louisiana, where Cajun food got its name. Passionate about creating a hot sauce that had a bite but didn’t result in heartburn, the founder of Pit Boss Sauce perfected the ideal sauces for basting and barbequeing. Shortly after the sauce was perfected, its popularity soared and grocery store shelves in the local area began to reserve space for Gator Bait Cajun Hot Sauce. 

I've never had a hot sauce where I feel like I want to be an evangelist for it until Now. I think everyone needs to try this. This is the kind of thing my family and friends need to share in the joy with me and try. I know it's July now, but this is already on my gift list for Christmas.

Jeff Brown, Web Designer Born in New Orleans

Gator bait is a unique Cajun hot sauce that pairs well with most food.  

The flavor of gator bait is one that has not been matched. It’s smooth and light, but still spicy. It has just enough kick to spice up the food but doesn’t leave the mouth of the person eating it burning and yearning for water. Using a minimal number of quality ingredients, the flavor of the cayenne is displayed beautifully in this sauce. Customers who buy it have a hard time not carrying it in their purse or their pocket. It reportedly tastes good on top of most foods but other customers love adding to their favorite dishes.

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In Louisiana, the Gator Bait Hot Sauce became a staple at most barbeques. It’s a perfect addition to dips, potato salads and any Cajun meat marinade. It pairs well with traditional Louisiana cuisine as well. Many families have switched over to using Gator Bait Hot Sauce in their gumbos, coleslaw and rice dishes.  As its use spreads to other states and grocery stores, customers continue to discover new ways to use and pair this unique Cajun hot sauce.

Gator Bait Hot Sauce has spread through Louisiana and Texas.

Gator Bait Hot Sauce is already available in grocery stores in Louisiana and Texas. As its popularity continues to grow, customers in Southern Florida have begun to swear by adding it to their local cuisine. It’s expected that Gator Bait Hot Sauce could soon become a household name nationwide. Different than most hot sauces, its ingredients are designed to not give the person eating it heartburn. A major problem with most major hot sauces, Gator Bait Hot Sauce is formulated to minimize the digestive distress that comes with eating a hot and spicy meal. Here are other sauces from Pitt Boss BBQ Sauce. Pit Boss website

Pit Boss Gator Bait Hot Sauce is making its way up the East Coast while their other Cajun style products are also gaining traction. Pit Boss Sauces also produces spicy barbeque sauce, Cajun condiments and Cajun Spaghetti Sauce. Their sauces are perfectly formulated to minimize heartburn without compromising on taste. To taste this sensational new hot sauce before it hits supermarket shelves in their area, hot sauce lovers should visit Pit Boss Sauce online. Gator Bait Hot Sauce and all other pit boss products can be purchased online directly from Louisiana and the Pit Boss himself. For more information about these cajun sauces, call Albert Duplantis, the owner and Mr. Pitt Boss at ​ 337 532 5075 or email .

Source: Pitt Boss BBQ Sauce

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