Gastric Balloon Cost Guide Launches From Website, a leading weight-loss surgery informational site, launches a cost guide to IntraGastric Balloons. Gastric Balloon is the newest segment of bariatric procedures with numerous balloon devices on the market. 

Each type of intragastric balloons is designed to restrict your stomach, thereby reducing your stomach's caloric intake. These 'restrictive' procedures are revolutionary as they require no surgery or permanent changes. Gastric balloon surgeries are performed endoscopically, requiring no nights in the hospital or just one hospital night. 

The costs of gastric balloon procedure differ from many factors including region, the balloon device, hospital fees, and surgeon fees. This cost guide is meant to provide a sample of estimated costs of undergoing gastric balloon procedure with different procedures including Elipse, Spatz, Orbera, ReShape Duo, or Obalon.


Gastric Balloon is a property by, Renew Bariatrics, a leading bariatric center in Mexico. Gastric Balloon is a consumer site for the education and promotion of the gastric balloon procedure. The gastric balloon procedure has shown excellent long-term results with minimal risks and side effects.



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